BR1X Barcode Scanner

Ultra-high Resolution Design
Exclusive 2mil ultra-high resolution design fitted to scan tiny barcode like jewelry barcodes;

CCD Scanner Head
CCD scanner head able to scan mobile phone barcodes, as well as the misted barcodes;

Multi-function Scanner Charging Stand
With multi-function scanner charging stand, able to scan: 1). Mobile payment barcode; 2). 90° scanning on Documents barcode; 3). 45° scanning on commodity barcode;

Automatic Detection
Able to emit light when detecting handheld/vibration on scanner trigger, it’s easy to aim and scan the barcodes.

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  • Exclusive ultra-high resolution, the BR1X is capable of scanning 2mil ultra-tiny barcode with high density (3 mil or above for other manufacturers).
  • Exclusive design of one scanner with three operation patterns and stereoscopic scanner stand (charging stand) with multi-functions. The BR1X supports to scan documents on the counter at 90°, items with barcode at 45°and payment code on mobile phone manually and wirelessly.
  • Equipped with pre-lighting function (when handheld or vibratory trigger hits the scanner), it can easily aim among close barcodes.
  • Wireless 2.4G model (BR1WX) of super power-saving design is able to scan up to 13,000 times when it’s fully charged. Standby current only comes to 6μA, the BR1X can standby for one year.
  • 2.4G and Bluetooth dual module integrated scanner.
  • Optional communication modes: 2.4G,Bluetooth and wired mode(just change communication board to switch the communication mode.
  • 2.4G frequency selection technology, several scanners can be used at close range at the same time without interfere with each other and super power-saving.


  • BR1XL model 433MHz, supports connectivity up to 300m wirelessly, conducive to warehouse and supplier.
  • Waterproof and dustproof design, an IP54 rating assures operation reliability under bad condition.
  • Drop durability design, designed to withstand 1.5m drops to concrete.
  • Special wire rod for wired scanner (BR1NX), it carries lighter weight (half diameter) and better durability (half tensile force) of the same kind, also superior in flexibility and tension.
  • Optional system interfaces: USB port, PS2 and RS-232 D9.
  • Equipped with wall-handing function, the BR1 can save desktop space.


Model BR1LX BR1X
Light Source 650nm laser 2500 pixel linear transducer
Operation Pattern Handheld or stand type (on charging stand)
Scan Pattern Handheld or auto scan on charging stand
Scan Precision 0.10mm (4 mil) 0.05mm (2 mil)
Scan Width 118mm (at 50mm);245mm (at 130mm) 117mm (at 20mm);305mm (at 200mm)
Error Rate Millionth
Transmission Rate RS-232 baudrate:2400-38400
Decoding Capability Code39, Code32, CIP39, Coda Bar(CLSI), EAN-13, UPC-A, EAN-8,
UPC-E(Add on 2 of 5), MSI/Plessey(UK Plessey), Code 128(EAN128),Code 93,
Code 11, Interleaved 2 of 5, ITF 14, Industrial 2 of 5, IATA, Matrix 2 of 5, Telepen,
China Postal Code, GS1 DataBar(RSS), Laetus Phamacode
Material ABS+TPR
Color Gray/Black/White
Dimension 112mm (Length) *75mm (Width)*200m (Height)
Indicator LED &Beeper
System Interface USB/RS232/PS2
Operating Voltage 5V±5%
Operating Current 120mA 112mA
Drop Durability Withstand 20 drops at 1.5m to concrete
Working Temperature 0℃~40℃ (Customization available for harsher environment)
Store Temperature -10℃~40℃ -20℃~60℃
Relative Humidity 5%~95% (Non-condensing)
Safety National Secondary Safety Standard No Safety Concern


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