CWY5 Cash drawer

Mini Cash Drawer
Mini cash drawer with firm cabinet structure, looks exquisite and elegant, saving counter space;

With 3 Bill Compartments
With 3 bill compartments (adjustable to 4 bill compartments) and optional 3/4/5/8 coin compartments;

Drawer Opening
Drawer opening: Key opening, POS/ECR control opening, manual opening;

Able to store coin stacks and shopping cards etc.

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  • Equipped with a stable outer-box. Exquisite and elegant. Save the precious business space.
  • A mini-cash drawer with 3 bill compartments (also could be used for 4 bill compartments) and optional 3/4/5/8 coin slots.
  • Three-shifting lock that could be opened by electronic control and manual operation, or lock the drawer permanently.
  • The design of the new structure avoids the traditional problem of low bill capacity with small space.
  • Provides spaces for storing common tools such as coin rings, shopping cards.

Technical Specification

  • Three ways to open the drawer: key open, manual open and host-computer control open.
  • Loop specifications: input pulse amplitude 12~24V (conventional), 5V~9V (ordered);input pulse width 50ms~200ms.
  • Optional status switch.


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