TS5NX PC Scale

Insect-proof Loop Design
Patent Insert proof design in the world, prevent the machine from insect damage;

The 3rd generation cassette printer design brings 150mm/s printing speed and faster & easier paper change among Label, Linerless label and receipt in one scale;

Flexible Designed
Flexible designed software allows the switch between Operator model and Self-service mode according to different time segment.

Dual Printer
Dual printer design meet requirements of Receipt printing and Label printing at the same time in one scale.

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  • Unique label printing mechanism design in the world, full printing area available, no need for 5mm (or more) pre-printing area; so able to print the whole page; unlimited by reduced printable area caused by pre-printing area. Able to print EAN13 code vertically on 30mm height label ( the world’s first breakthrough as the traditional label requires the pre-printing area for 5~6mm, unable to print EAN13 code vertically on 30mm height label). So label format can totally get rid of the trouble caused by pre-printing area requirement. Free to design barcode size and position, dramatically reduce label paper cost by 10%~20% when using small logo, improving beauty.
  • The first “bezel free capacitive touch screen POS scale (cash register/label scale)” in the world. Offer better user experience and away from scraping and wearing, super long usage life.
  • Structure super power-saving design, adopts Intel quad-core CPU with low consumption and high-performance,up to 1.83GHz, pursue perfection.
  • The first to support “unfixed length linerless label and fixed length linerless label ” in the world.
  • Insect-proof design patent prevents bugs like cockroach from worming into the machine causing breakdown.
  • The first “POS scale with in-built 12V UPS battery module ” in the world.
  • Attached label printing and cash register scale software offer Web Service or DLL interface to communicate with backoffice database. Web service can exchange data directly with the third party database without developing another software but only SP script.
  • Directly change price on scale and meanwhile synchronize with backoffice.
  • The first in the world to offer SDK to such three OS platforms as Windows/ Linux / Android for the third party to develop software.


  • Floating cashier function, which supports floating cashier to operate on different scales of same network, can print out overall barcodes label attached to external bags when checking. And it will print out overall barcodes when Internet connected, otherwise only one barcode for each PLU.
  • Clip style paper input module design: clip style paper input box allows for quick paper replacement and can automatically identify label and receipt, greatly improving work efficiency and saving waiting time for customers when it turns to busy.
  • Easy to maintain: separated design of printing head and paper input module allows for free dismantling and replacement, easy to maintain.
  • 10.1″ color screen can play animation and ad videos releasing enhancing enterprise image and stimulating customers’ purchasing need.
  • Display screen:10.1″ touch screen, optional 10.1″ color customer display, beautiful and high-end, waterproof and durable, easy to clean.
  • Software: humanistic interface , easy and quick to operate, free to define shortcut key size and insert illustrations.
  • Display Screen:10.1″ infrared touch screen, optional 10.1″ color customer screen, exquisite and beautiful, also easy to clean.
  • Available nutrition information function, can print out nutrition ingredient on label for customers.
  • Support many items printed on the whole label.
  • Barcode traceable function can locate the source of food rapidly for food security.
  • Support to print QR code.
  • Video superimposer function can be added to backoffice to support omnibearing supervision of proscenium.
  • Online sale function ensures the newest PLU information updating.
  • Second label, nutrition information and other information different from the first one can be printed on second label.
  • Optional models:single label printer, double printer with POS function can be chosen as per different requirements. Able to print labels and different POS receipts. One printer can satisfy the need to print label and receipt, greatly saving space.
  • Wide-ranged network function allows for connection with backstage controlling PLU information at any time. Easy to manage and control chained stores through only one main host machine.
  • Support external scanner, POS, printer and other external device. Support barcode scanning sale for packaged goods.
  • SQL data port provides fast POS machine connection and information exchanging.


Model TS5NX
Operator display 15″Touch Screen /15.6″
Customer display 10.1″ Color Screen
Display type Capacity touch screen
Range 6kg/15kg;15kg/30kg
Division value 2g/5g;5g/10g
OS Windows10、Android8.0、Linux*
CPU Intel Z3735, quad-core, up to1.83GHz
Memory 2GB RAM
Storage 32GB EMMC
PLU type Hotkey number, LF code, PLU name, article number, unit price, pricing unit, first label, second label, tare, barcode ,department, package date, package time, preservation date, weight, package type (normal, fixed weight, fixed price, both fixed weight and price), nutrition message, traceability code, additional information 1, additional information 2, discount
Barcode type EAN 8、 EAN 13、 EAN 128、2/5 interleaved,GS1、QR code, etc.
Optional functions Wifi, linerless paper model clip, optional 12V 4.5Ah
Printer Label Printer’s Paper label paper/linerless label/receipt paper:57mm Φ105mm/62mm;
Receipt Printer’s Paper 57mm/Φ50mm
Printer type Clip type label printer, fast-switching between label and receipt printing
Print speed 120mm/s
Communication interface 1*Ethernet、1*RS232、2*USB、1*Drawer
Power AC 100~240V 50~60Hz; DC 13.8V 3.2A
Working temperature 0℃~40℃
Working humidity 5%~85%R.H.


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