OS2X Pos Interface Scale

Insect-proof Loop Design
Patented design to prevent insect entry; Extend the scale working life;

Easy to Read Display
Easy to read tilt display with 3 function keys;

Dual Capacity Range
Dual capacity range: 6/15KG(15/30lb); 15/30KG(30/60lb);

RS232/USB Connection
RS232/USB connection for most cash register/POS systems;

Weighing Units
Support different weighing units: kg, g, 500g, lb, ounce and more.

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With compact design and elegant appearance, OS2 POS Interface Scale can be used as stand-alone scale for self-weighing and pre-weighing, cash register scale via connecting with POS/ECR, and label scale via connecting with label printer.


  • Patent insect-proof design prevents from breakdown caused by bugs.
  • Imbedded design to save counter space, convenient for weighing.
  • Capacitive key with high sensitivity, waterproof, anti-fouling and easy to clean.
  • Support RS232, USB, able to transmit weighing data to POS/ECR in time without lines.


Optional types Desktop TypeOS2CX Imbedded Type OS2IX
Basic Features without display
without keys
without display
with two keys
with pedestal display
three keys
with display pole
three keys
without display
with two keys
With separate pole;
display & three keys
Dimension 345*263*88mm 345*263*88mm 345*343*91mm 435*345*338mm 370*288*72mm Platter 370*288*72mm
Pole 416*112*86mm
Customer/Operator Display 5*8 fields LCD
Weighing Capacity (Max.) 6/15kg;15/30kg
Division Value 2/5g;5/10g
Weighing Capacity (Min.) 40g;100g
Tare (Max.) -5.998kg;-14.995kg
Internal Resolution 1/30000
Accuracy Class
Interface RS232
Optional USB communication line
Working Temperature 0℃-40℃


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