LS6RX Label Printing Scale

Insect-proof Loop Design
Patent Insert proof design in the world, prevent the machine from insect damage;

Durable and reliable capacitive membrane keyboard brings longer life time;

Up to 224 Direct PLU key allow access more PLU by one key, extremely shorten the operation time;

Printing Speed
120mm/s printing speed shorten the time of each printing;

Well-designed PC Application
Well-designed PC application makes the operation much easier and save support cost;

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  • Web65 cloud software, able to achieve cloud scale function(headquarters unitedly manage branch data) via public network(Carrefour mode)or inner network(VPN,YH mode).
  • The first company in the world introduced cloud label scale functions.
  • Patent insect-proof design, which prevents the defect caused by bugs entering into the machine, ideal for the fresh and seafood dept.
  • Patent hot keypad (112*2 keys) design, which can be lifted to put PLU sheet underneath. Fast to operate, easy to clean and water-proof.
  • Modularized printer design, easy to replacement and maintenance.
  • Capable to choose different label formats and price unit for each PLU, flexible and free to operate.
  • Able to generate batch barcode to proceed batch management for the stock and freshness, automatically set scheduling price cut with the freshness, avoiding wasting caused by factitious negligence.
  • Based on POS network management concept design (the first one in the world), exclusively offering friendly and fully featured scale software, able to carry out PLU, network, label editing and inventory management.
  • Provide label graph editing software. Free format of label, adjustable label size ranging from 30*30mm to 60*109mm. Optional linerless label printing type(LS6MNX), able to save cost and protect environment well: ① Print 30mm height linerless label at least to save materials. ② Save material and warehouse charges for customers. ③Have more capacity than common label to improve the work efficiency.


  • Adjustable font blackness based on label paper sensitivity and voltage temperature automatic compensation, makes it possible to last the service life of printer head 2 or 3 times longer than general machine.
  • Able to load a paper roll with 1000pcs labels (60*40mm), whereas other factories only load a paper roll with 800pcs of same kind product.
  • Update program without opening case, convenience, fast and never fall behind.
  • Able to print the label of different countries’ font, shading and commodity name.
  • Support tracking & nutrition information printing
  • Easy paper loading, able to replace label paper quickly.
  • Support wide area network, able to update date via Ethernet.
  • Support account checking, avoiding the loss caused by disoperation, able to realize real-time account checking for the scale data can be uploaded to PC software at all times.
  • Powerful discount function, able to set different discounts according to different periods, flexible to operate.
  • WIFI optional (LS6XW Label Printing Scale), able to keep the desk clean and meet the needs to add the scale temporary when promotion, avoiding the intricate line connection.
  • 90°angle rotating of the barcode printing makes it possible to be used as low cost anti-theft label. Able to prolong printer head service life and save label costs.
  •  Paper feed in vertical makes it possible to avoid dust and sand grain sticking on the paper roll to damage the printer head.
  • Support one barcode multi-products of QR code, save lots of label paper, support to fast cashier and save customer queuing time.


Optional types LS6X
display 48*112 with backlight LCD display 64*384 with backlight LCD display 65*132 with backlight LCD display 65*132 LCD
Customer display 48*112 with backlight LCD display 64*384 with backlight LCD display 65*132 with backlight LCD display None
Measuring Range 2g/5g,5/10g
Verofocatopm scale interval 6kg/15kg,15kg/30kg
Keyboard 112*2 PLU hotkeys,Can be edited and downloaded by PC
Printing speed 120mm/s
PLU Formats Lf code,PLU Name,article number,Unit Price,Price Unit,Preservation Days,Tare,Barcode,Department,Package Weight,Package Types(Normal,Fixed Weight,Fixed Price,Both Fixed),Message 1,Message 2,Label Type,Discount Hotkeys,Additional Text
Label Format EAN 8, EAN 13, EAN 128, Code 39, 2/5 interleaved, Code 128 etc.
Logo, uppercase and lowercase letters
Self-configured label composing & size, adjustable label length ranging from 30mm to 109mm.
Advanced label format: various barcode, PLU name, additional information etc
Data Storage RAM:16m,Memory 8 label types 12000 PLU,12000 Messages
Optional functions WIFI,linerless label printing
Communication interface RJ45*1(Ethernet),RS-232*1
Power Supply AC 110~240V 50~60Hz
Working temperature 0℃~40℃
Working humidity 5%~85%R.H.
Valid printing width 56mm
Paper width (Max.) 61± 0.5mm
(the max roll outside diameter is 94mm,if the inner diameter is 28; the max roll outside diameter is 88mm,if the inner diameter is 40)


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