OS6X Pos Interface Scale

Large Scale Pan
Large Stainless Steel scale pan, convenient for weighing and cleaning;

Insect-proof Loop Design
Patented design to prevent insect entry; Extend the scale working life;

Bluetooth Connectivity
Bluetooth connectivity easy the integration with Portable Android Terminal

RS232/USB Connection
RS232/USB connection for most cash register/POS systems;

Weighing Units
Support different weighing units: kg, g, 500g, lb, ounce and more.

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Unique functions:

  • Oversized tray design, a weighing solution designed for POS cashier systems.
  • Standard protocol, supports the major cash register softwares.
  • Independently used weighing platform, help to self-weighing or weight estimation; it can also be connected to cash register or POS to form a split cash register; connected to label printer to form a split label scale.
  • Support RS232, USB, able to transmit weighing data to POS/ECR in time without lines.

Excellent Functions:

  • Tare, zero and power keys on the display, easy to operate and convenient to check out the weighing information.
  • With external display, able to meet customers’ need in all-round.
  • Simple elegant design and compact internal process guarantee products’ reliability and aesthetics.
  • The larger countertop area, more compatible with the 15” POS, used to form a PC scale.


Type OS6X
Accuracy Class  Ⅲ
Internal Resolution n=3000
Range 6/15kg; 15/30kg
Division Value 2/5g; 5/10g
Weighing Capacity (Min.) 40g; 100g
Tare (Max.) -5.998kg; -14.995kg
Display (optional) 5*8 fields LCD
Interface RS232
Power 5V 1A
Dimension 384*296*63mm
Working Temperature 0℃~40℃


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