LS2S Self-service Scale

Dustproof Design
Patent Insert proof design in the world, prevent the machine from insect damage;

Durable and reliable capacitive membrane keyboard brings longer life time;

Up to 224 Direct PLU key allow access more PLU by one key, extremely shorten the operation time;

Printing Speed
120mm/s printing speed shorten the time of each printing;

Well-designed PC Application
Well-designed PC application makes the operation much easier and save support cost;

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 Self-service scale to promote ease in produce, faster checkout, and bulk sales.



  • Insect-proof design efficiently prevents bugs like cockroaches from worming into the machine causing breakdown, especially suitable for seafood department.
  • Patented removable and renewable hot keypad (patented,82+32 large image style keys) design. And PLU keys make it easy and quick to be operated, you don’t need to memorize and input the serial commodity numbers, lest long queue in the shop. In addition, the hotkeys can be edited via PC software at any time to meet your needs and printed out immediately.T
  • he consumer can quickly and directly operate large-image style hotkey by single key, self weighing and print labels, do not need staff members(save operating costs),providing direct, efficient  and convenient shopping experience.
  • Modularized printer design,easy to replacement and maintenance.(as shown in picture1,2,3).
  • Self-service scale support unique and different barcode format and unit for each PLU when weighing on the same scale. It is very flexible.
  • The first Barcode label Scale compatible with label graphic edit software, which is able to adjust lable dimension arrange from 30x30mm to 60x109mm that greatly cut down the label paper cost.
  • Lineless paper: ① save paper, because the paper can be printed at least 30mm high; ② save paper and stock expenses; ③ cut down times of exchanging paper roll, for the printing module can hold 2 times of label paper.


Model LS2SX
Display 32*264 with backlight LCD
Weighing range 6kg/15kg;15kg;15kg/30kg;30kg
Divisioin 2g/5g;5g;5g/10g;10g
Maximun tare load -5.998kg;-7.495kg;-14.995kg;-14.995kg
Internal Resolution 1/30000
Keyboard 140 keys(28 function keys, 80+32 PLU hotkeys)
Valid Printing Width 56mm
Paper entry width 61.5+0.5mm
Roll outside diameter φ90mm MAX
Print Speed 80mm/s
PLU Format fresh code, PLU name, item number, unit price, pricing unit, preservation period, tare,
barcode, department, package weight, package type(normal, fixed weight,fixed price,
fixed weight and fixed price), info. 1, info. 2, label format, discount hotkey, additional text
Barcode Format 2/5 interleaved, 128 code, EAN13 code,Logo,capital and lower-case letter
Free to set format and size of barcode, label length can be set within 30~109mm
advanced label format: multiple barcodes, PLU name, additional info, etc.
Data Storage storage:16M, 8 label format, 12000 PLU and 12000 info. can be stored on scale
Optional Function WIFI 802.11g, linerless paper model
COM Interface Ethernet, RS232
Voltage AC 110~240V 50~60Hz
Working Temperature 0℃-40℃
Dimension 410.27*469.7*694.89mm


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