LPB3X Linerless Label Printer

Support fixed-length or continuous linerless label printing;

Long cutter life up to 2-million cuttings; No need to clear glue within 500k cuttings;

Able to print at different placements: Horizontal, Vertical or Wall-mounted;

180mm/s high-speed Printing;

A high-end, Eco-friendly, and Economical Linerless Label printer (Supporting Label with fixed length & continuous label) Ideal for Deli, Cafe, Bakery, Fruit shop and Dessert shop.

Exclusive Features

  • The patented “Eliminate Cutter Jam” function (patent number: 201720696485.1) allows users to quickly solve the “cutter jam” problem with three pulls.
  • With globally leading cutter patent (patent No.: 202021637563.9), cutter is with lifetime up to 2 million cuttings, and eschewed glue residue cleaning within half million cutting.
  • The disassembly and assembly of the cutter group is simple and easy to operate, and the glue removing and cutter changing can be done without any tools.
  • One Device, Multiple Uses. 2 types of linerless labels can be set with command printer software: overprinting multi-color fixed-length labels (black mark line 1.0mm, front and back can be printed) and unfixed-length labels. At the same time, four printing functions are included: production packaging, label printer for kitchen delivery (use with touch screen or restaurant software); Can print double-row small labels (for barcode printing of non-barcode goods, gift barcode printing, etc.), and can print price labels; It can also be used occasionally as a receipt printer.
  • The commands are an enhanced version of ESC/POS commands, and it is extremely convenient to connect with the software.
  • Linerless label paper is adaptive to various label design, user can freely customize label contents and length based on PLU, to avoid stock of label paper rolls in multiple sizes, and reduce stock cost.
  • Supporting linerless label without liner paper, it is with more advantages compared to liner label: a. Reduce liner paper waste and environmentally friendly; b. Cost of paper roll is reduced by 5%; c. Frequency of paper roll replacement is reduced due to 40% increase of paper utilization and label quantity. d. Labor cost is saved due to no need disposal of liner paper.
  • With High printing speed up to 180mm/s (Others are in 130mm/s.)
  • Support oversized linerless paper roll, maximum with φ105mm (12mm paper core, 102m paper length), 58-80mm width (linerless paper roll is 40% more roll capacity than liner paper roll). No need frequent paper replacement which enhances the efficiency.

Excellent Functions

  • Sufficient interfaces for option: Wired (USB,Ethernet); Wireless (WIFI, Bluetooth)
  • With sleek and agile design, the printer is able to print at any angle: Horizontal, Vertical or Wall-mounted (as shown in Fig 1 to 3).
  • Support double paper taken method: a. full cutting b. half cutting c. manual tearing without cutting (when Auto-cutter is jammed).
  • With paper easy-loading design, rapid paper roll replacement.
  • With anti-insect design, machine fault is largely reduced.
  • Adaptor is fixed and hided under the printer cabinet, it’s easy to move the printer and maintain your desktop tidy.
  • With wide application, it is ideal for supermarket, grocery, logistics, warehouse, restaurant, factory, and express, etc.


Printer Model LPB3X
Printing Mode Linerless paper label mode Receipt mode
Printing parameters Printing method Thermal
Resolution 203 dpi
Printing speed 180mm/s(max) 250mm/s(max)
Effective printing width 40~72mm
Printing length
Cutter life 2 million times
Print head life 150KM
Medium parameters Paper type Variable length, fixed length linerless adhesive
paper roll, thermal adhesive paper roll
Ordinary thermal paper/black
label paper (without adhesive)
Paper width 40mm/58mm/60mm/80mm
Paper thickness  0.06mm-0.10mm
Paper roll diameter diameter 105mm
Detection Detection function Seam sensor, paper out sensor, cover opening sensor, paper taken sensor,
paper near end sensor, black mark sensor (optional)
Font symbol Character set GB18030 Simplified Chinese, Big5 Traditional Chinese
Printing columns 48 columns
Barcode type one-dimensional code: UPC-A,UPC-E,EAN13,EAN8,CODE39,ITF,CODABAR,CODE93,CODE128
two-dimensional code: QRCode
Software parameters Printer language Compatible with the ESC/POS
Label editing software Third-party label editing software such as Bartender /
Communication port Standard USB, Ethernet
Optional Serial port, Bluetooth, WIFI, 4G
HMI parameters Indicator light  3 LED status indicator lights
Key 1 cover key, 1 power key, 1 paper feed key
Paper output Paper output from the up or the front
Paper tearing Automatic cutting paper, manual tearing off by serrated cutter
Paper loading Easy loading
Operating parameters Power Output: DC24V/2.5A
Working environment 0℃ ~ 40℃,5%~85%R.H.
Storage environment 0℃ ~ 40℃,5%~90%R.H.
Physical parameters Dimensions 200mm*150mm*135mm(length*width*height)
Weight 1.4kg
Other Optional functions Black mark sensor
Options /


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