LP1X Barcode Label Printer

Innovative Stand-alone Designed
With 12,000 PLU, 1,200 message and 32 barcodes pre-loaded, able to work independently without PC connection;

Great Connectivity
Great connectivity with big range of scale from Gram Level to Ton level

Able to connect with an external scanner/keyboard via RS232/PS2 port;

Ideal Solution
Ideal solution for Prepacking in Supermarket, Factory, Bakery, Green Store, Coffee Shop. And importing/exporting management in Farm, highway etc

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Unique Functions

  • Exchange the material with servers directly through webservice Jason Protocol and can be used in the production of label printing or do the traceability label function in the cloud traceability server.
  • With SD card, can store item information, the label background etc. convenient for the clients to change at any time.
  • 72 PCS programmable hotkeys (36*2) and 4 PCS functional keys. Able to repeat printing the same label by using the function key ‘COPY’.
  • Enable to work independently without PC. Suitable for printing packing labels in fixed format but with different date, PLU name.
  • Different label background can be downloaded from the PC (has already edited on the PC by LINK64), can call print with hotkeys or item number at any time.
  • Integrate an auto-packing system with digital computing scale; to pack commodities by sticking bar code labels (EAN13 code with weight, 18 codes with weight, total price Info.) for stock or selling easily.
  • Innovative removable and renewable hot keypad (patented, 36*2 keys), can be easily replaced. The layout of hot keypad can be easily edited by the PC software and be printed immediately so that the cashier can operate the machine expertly by pressing the single key without having to memorize and enter the several-digit part number.
  • Unit price, weight, batch number can be set as modifiable according the requirement of customer.
  • RS232/ PS2 port are ready for connecting with scanner.
  • Linerless paper type can not only help clients save cost by reducing material and storage expense but can improve working efficiency through decreasing the times of exchanging scroll for the linerless paper can hold the paper number twice of the ordinary one.
  • Keep not fading for more than 30 years and can replace the carbon printer which has the disadvantage of high cost, take up too much space and not environment if choose the Pinnacle produced thermal paper.

Excellent functions 

  • Support print the Two-dimension code.
  • Provide the label design software for any label design within the size scope of 30*30~56*109mm(2 inches) or 72*109mm (3 inches)
  • With automatic stripping paper structure and support continuous printing.
  • With label auto-winding design computing scale (with communication function) to integrate an auto-packing system.
  • Support UNICODE thus is compatible with background software of NT, UNIX, and Internet.
  • Support a varity of fonts of different countries on the label for your choose and download after editing on the PC.
  • The thermal head can be used 2 to 3 times longer than the normal ones, because its Printing density can be adjusted according to the sensitivity of the label paper and support Automatic temperature and voltage compensation . Printers can load 1000 pieces of label paper(60*40mm),far better than the other manufacturers who can only hold 800 pieces of label paper roll.
  • With 65*132 graphic LCD display to show commodity name, price, weight, amount and other detail information.


Optional type LP12BX LP12CX
Memory capacity Flash Standard 4Mbit
SD card 2M (up to 8M)
Thermal Printer Head max. 56mm,203DPI max. 72mm,203DPI
Printing Speed 120mm/s(25℃) 120mm/s(25℃)
Paper Spec type thermal label paper
Paper Width 57.5±0.5mm 79.5mm±0.5mm
Paper Roll Diameter outer MaxΦ90mm (inner Φ28mm); outer Max Φ 80.0mm(inner Φ40mm)
Printing Contents EAN18/EAN13 barcode/PLU name/unit price/total price/weight/graphic/discount mark/packing date/expiration date/trade mark/head message/bottom message etc.
Font Character Set GB2312、BIG5
Character Size 8×16、8×24、16×32、16×16、16×24、32×32、32×24
Barcodes type EAN13、EAN18
Storing data 1200 PLU information, 1200 sets information, 42 sets of barcode label file(120(length)* 50(width))
Interface PS/2,Ethemet,USB
Available keyboards 36*2 direct keys for PLU、4 function keys
Display 65*132(203dpi)
Optional function linerless label printer modul//partition machine
Power Supply AC18V 1.5A (AC115V/220V/240V 50/60Hz Adaptor)
Operating Temp 0℃~40℃, 5%~85%R.H.
Operating Environment 0℃~40℃, 5%~90%R.H.
Dimensions 145*286*179(mm)
weight 3Kg


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