LH15X Hanging Scale

Patented Rock-relief Universal Joint
Patented Rock-relief universal joint (oil pressure), which makes it possible to rapidly stop the swing

Patented Adjustable Nip Joint
Patented adjustable nip joint for adjusting the height freely

Removable Hot Keypad
Originally-developed innovative removable hot keypad (84*2 hot keys)

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LH1X Hanging Scale is suitable for large and medium supermarkets, fresh seafood and other aquatic areas where needs label printing.

Unique Functions

  • Patented Rock-relief universal joint (oil pressure), which makes it possible to rapidly stop the swing.
  • Patented adjustable nip joint for adjusting the height freely .
  • Originally-developed innovative removable hot keypad (84*2 hot keys), which is workable even it is soaked. The layout of hot keypad can be easily edited by the software and be printed immediately so that the cashier can operate the ECR by pressing some single key instead of memorizing and enter annoying numbers. Mistakes rarely happen then.
  • Capable of printing batch serial no. (patented, originally-developed in the world) and doing batch management for stock or fresh status.
  • With Ethernet network, the hanging scale is able to ask for data from PC.
  • Each PLU is allowed to have an independent code format (for instance: EAN13 code with weight, price or EAN18 code).10,000 PLU are available.
  • Originally-developed label barcode scale in the world based on POS network management. With the PLU management software, network management software, label edit software and 18 barcodes function, the perishable foods can be merged into the sale, purchase & inventory management system, so as to solve “supermarket black hole” problem.
  • The first label scale with logo edit software, which can adjust the label size (30*30mm~55*60mm) to reduce the label paper cost (15~50%).

Other Functions

  • Each PLU has an individual weight unit for pricing purpose (such as gram, 100g, 500g, 600g, kg, OZ and LB).And with PLU fast searching function, you will never look for a needle in a bottle of hay.
  • Offer PLU Manager software with functions similar to EXCEL. Via this software, users are able to input item name, code, unit price, note, package type, expiration date, etc. Additionally, the PLU hot keypad (84*2 key) can be easily edited via the PLU Manager software and printed through laser or color ink-jet printer. It is convenient, practical and easy for usage.
  • Parameters and passwords of scale can be set on PC, and operations on scale can be controlled by PC.
  • Offer POS port technical document, POS system is easily to be connected and can combine network s/w with back office s/w to be integrated and automatic.
  • Having window s/w with a graphic editing function, which is more powerful and more flexible.
  • Program can be updated without opening the cover. Faster and easier for users.
  • Hanging barcode scale’s Printer can be loaded with 1000pcs labels.
  • Able to select label’s font.


Accuracy: 1/3,000 (15kg 5g)
Internal analytical level: 1/30,000
Display analytical level: 1/3000(pre-set value) 1/7500, 1/15000(15Kg 1g) (user can set it)
LCD Display: double LCD sides with auto backlight
Line 1: 5 lattice characters
Line 2: 9 asterisk characters
Line 3: 11 asterisk characters
Memory capacity: standard 16Mbit
Work temperature: 0℃~40℃, 5%~85%R.H.
Stock temperature: 0℃~40℃ 5%~85%R.H.
Power consumption: Sleeping mode: 3W Printing mode: 30W
Thermal printer specification: width 56mm, 203Dot/in
Printing speed: 120mm/second (light)
Overload alarm: over 100.015% alarm beeps
Overload protection: Mechanic protection effective when 120% overloaded
PLU memory capacity: 10000pcs in total
Power specification: AC220V 50/60Hz 1A
Printing Content: EAN13 barcode, commodity name, unit price, total amount, weight, alarm information, discount sign, packing date, valid date, expiration date, trade mark
Save data: 10000 PLU, 10000 groups of messages, 2 groups label files
Mechanic type: LH15RE, LHC15RE, LHC15REW, all with RS-232 communication capability
R: Rewinder, able to rewind the label paper
A: 18 barcode
E: Ethernet
W: With the function of wireless communication, no need to layout


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