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LP1X Series label Printer
LP1X Series label Printer
quick spec:
※ Paper Width: 57.5±0.5mm and 79.5±0.5mm
※ Printing Speed: 120mm/s Max
※ Paper Roll Diameter: Max Φ 90 mm; Max Φ 80 mm
※ Barcodes type: EAN13/EAN18
※ Power supply: AC 18V 1.5A
LP1X Series label Printer  
  • LP1X is a innovative thermal label printer combined with PLU keyboard and LCD display. Able to be connected with weighing platform, first choice for for logistics, distribution, mailing packages,auto packing.
  • Optional type LP12BX LP12CX
    Memory capacity Flash Standard 4Mbit
    SD card 2M (up to 8M)
    Thermal Printer Head max. 56mm,203DPI max. 72mm,203DPI
    Printing Speed 120mm/s(25℃) 120mm/s(25℃)
    Paper Spec type thermal label paper
    Paper Width 57.5±0.5mm 79.5mm±0.5mm
    Paper Roll Diameter outer MaxΦ90mm (inner Φ28mm); outer Max Φ 80.0mm(inner Φ40mm)
    Printing Contents EAN18/EAN13 barcode/PLU name/unit price/total price/weight/graphic/discount mark/packing date/expiration date/trade mark/head message/bottom message etc.
    Font Character Set GB2312、BIG5
    Character Size 8x16、8x24、16x32、16x16、16x24、32x32、32x24
    Barcodes type EAN13、EAN18
    Storing data 1200 PLU information, 1200 sets information, 42 sets of barcode label file(120(length)* 50(width))
    Interface PS/2,Ethemet,USB
    Available keyboards 36*2 direct keys for PLU、4 function keys
    Display 65*132(203dpi)
    Optional function linerless label printer modul//partition machine
    Power Supply AC18V 1.5A (AC115V/220V/240V 50/60Hz Adaptor)
    Operating Temp 0℃~40℃, 5%~85%R.H.
    Operating Environment 0℃~40℃, 5%~90%R.H.
    Dimensions 145*286*179(mm)
    weight 3Kg
  • ※ Patent PLU keypad (36*2 keys), which can be lifted to put PLU sheet underneath. Fast to operate, easy to clean and water-proof.
    ※ With 65*132 graphic LCD display to show commodity name, price, weight and ect
    ※ Able to download different label formats from PC.
    ※ Able to work independently for packing applications.
    ※ Wireless connection with platform scales (optional).
    ※ Support continous label or receipt printing by entering customer information/verder information under 3 modes:
      * Info related with single PLU and single Weight
      * Info related with single PLU and multi Weight
      * Info related with multi PLU and multi Weight
    ※ Support linerless label printing (optional).
    ※ Two paper width: 56mm/72mm