Fiscal Printer in Shoprite





Customer: Shoprite

Shoprite is Africa's largest food retailer. It operates 2900+ stores in 15 countries across Africa. As of 2020, the Shoprite Group employed more than 141,000 people across the African continent.

Project Information:

Shoprite is Africa's largest food retailer with more than 2900 stores in 15 countries across Africa. ACLAS is leading commercial devices manufacturer with 38+ year experiences and 40+ countries installment.
Started from 7 years ago, 2 leading enterprises in their fields joined hands, and ACLAS thermal printer stood out from list via its robust quality, speedy support, and professional experiences.
During the yearly operation, ACLAS printer always shows a high degree of stability no matter in their daily sales, or peak sales in shopping season like Christmas Day, Black Friday. Etc.
ACLAS is not only a manufacturer, but also a reliable partner for your stores.