Seashine Mingxing Supermarket






Customer: Seashine Mingxing Supermarket

Seashine Mingxing Supermarket is a Xiamen local supermarket chain under Seashine Department Store Group. It has developed to have more than 50+ supermarkets in Xiamen and neighbor cities.

Project Information:

ACLAS is the brand Seashine has always trusted on, and ACLAS Label Scale has been their consistent choice since their first store.
They use LS2 label scale at the bulk food corner, fruit & vegetable section and meat department, and LH1 hanging scale at their seafood department.
LS2 label scale with its advanced features such as insect-proof design, Liftable hotkey pad, and with sufficient hotkeys, brings lots of convenience to Seashine staff. They gave praises especially on easy and accurate PLU call-up, which improve customers’ experience for faster weighing and reduce the queuing time.
Equipped with stainless steel scale tray, with anti-shake and water-resistant features, LH15 hanging scale is specially designed for seafood section. It is designed based on POS network management concept, capable of doing Freshness Management on the seafood based on o the purchasing, sales and inventory records. It helps to solve the management difficulties for seafood department.
With the decades accompany with Seashine supermarkets, ACLAS witness the all-the-way development of Seashine group. We wish a brilliant future for Seashine!