LP23X 3″Thermal Label Printer

3” Courier Bill label Printer with 260mm/s printing speed:
7,800pcs courier bill labels per hour;

Able to work at heavy duty, to continously print 20,000pcs labels without stop;

Optional paper roll bracket, able to install φ220mm paper roll(46mm*130mm, 2300/roll). Largely reduce paper change frequency.

Prominent Feature

  • 260mm/s ultra-high printing speed, the super-fast printer for printing express bills, it can print about 7800 express bills per hour. On average, it only takes 0.46s to print each single label. (There is also a constant speed 185mm/s version optional: LP23X7XXX)
  • Under the demand of heavy-load printing, it will not burn the motor and thermal head after printing more than 20,000 labels continuously. Unlike other brands, it will not stop printing to prevent the motor from overheating and burning.
  • Patent paper holder for folding express bills has a special mechanism design, so that the printer can quickly and accurately clamped on the paper holder. Feeding paper by paper holder can avoid paper jam, which other brand have, because of the end of paper was being pulled when a little paper left.
  • Super large capacity paper roll feeding holder (optional), which can place 220mm diameter paper roll (equivalent to 2300 sheets of 76mm*130mm labels per roll), can reduce 4 times the number of changing paper roll if print a lot. The special mechanism design of parallel spacing control sheet bridges the printer with paper roll feeding holder, which can quickly align the spatial relationship between the paper feeding holder and the printer, so as to avoid the problem.

Outstanding Functions

  • Communication and power interface are designed in the side, solving the problem that power cable, communication cable and paper feeding are in the same side, thus operations will be interfered by each other. The design makes the operation smoother.
  • Operation is easy, only to use one key to open the cover. (Other brands open the cover by pressing left and right, which needs two hands to operate.)
  • Semi-built-in adapter is easy to be moved, so that the desktop is cleaner.
  • With small appearance, palm space, not occupying an area, convenient to be taken, it is more suitable for small Courier stations.
  • Automatic paper suction and position alignment, do not waste any label.


Model LP23X
Printing parameters Printing method Thermal
 Resolution 203 dpi
Printing speed 260mm/s(max)
Effective printing width 72mm
Printing length 15mm-500mm
Print head life 50KM
Gear train life 150KM
Medium parameters Paper type Thermal label paper: folding, paper roll
Paper width Maximum paper entry width 80mm
 Paper thickness Maximum 0.15mm
Outer feeding paper roll Maximum outer diameter 220mm
Core inner diameter 25.4-40mm
Detection Detection function paper out sensor, cover opening sensor, paper near out sensor (in paper roll feeding holder)
Font symbol Character set GB18030 Simplified Chinese, Big5 Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, 12*24 dots,24*24 dots
Printing columns 48 columns
Bar code type one-dimensional code:UPC-A,UPC-E,EAN13,EAN8,CODE39,ITF,CODABAR,CODE93,CODE128
two-dimensional code: QRCode
Software parameters Printer protocol ESC/POS
Driver Win10,8,7,Windows2000
Label editor Bartender or other third party label editor
Communication port Standard USB
Optional WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet port, 4G
HMI parameters Indicator light 2-color LED light
Key cover key, power key, paper feed key
Paper output paper output from the front
Paper tearing manual tearing off by serrated cutter
Paper loading outer paper feeding structure
Operating parameters Power output: DC24V/1.5A
Working environment 0℃ ~ 40℃,5%~85%R.H.
Storage environment 0℃ ~ 40℃,5%~90%R.H.
Physical parameters Dimensions 160mm*104mm*97mm(length*width*height)
Weight 735g
Other Standard patented compact folding paper feeder, USB cable
Optional paper roll feeding holder


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