iS2X Image Recognition scale

Smart Image Recognition
Items can be automatically recognized by inbuilt camera on scale. It’s not required any more to looking for related items from pages of PLU.

99%(96% for bag-packed) High Accuracy rate and 0.1s High Recognition Speed:
High recognition speed and Accuracy highly speed up the weighing & labeling process, reducing the queuing  time, which greatly enhances customers’ shopping experience.

Unique Hands-Free Design:
Upon the item is recognized, operator works with no strain tapping on scale platter to print label, no need to raise hand to operate on screen;

Upgrade Kit for LS2 label scale to IS2 AI scale:
Simple-to-fit Upgrade Kit available to change your traditional LS2 series Label Scale to IS2 series AI Scale; It greatly reduces cost for upgrading the scale.

Optional Backup Hot keyboard
For items which is very familiar by operator or new items for AI studying could be set on Hot keyboard for directly access.


  • Fast AI recognition and human eye rough recognition on fruit and vegetable products enable weighers to work without training and memorizing a cascade of LFCode. 0.1s recognition speed improves the working efficiency.
  • With 0.1s high-speed recognition and high accuracy of 99% without bagging by AI visual recognition algorithm. Its model can iterate automatically, thus improving the working accuracy and efficiency of scale. Semi-automatic association of PLU names in store, enables users to deploy and use it quickly.
  • Support to install AI recognition module on Aclas old type scale, to upgrade to AI smart recognition touch scale, curtailing the upgrading cost dramatically.
  • Without looking at the screen, press the hotkey to quickly sell a PLU, it retains the excellent function of Aclas keyboard label scale hotkey, and used alternately with the new AI recognition system.
  • Equipped with functions of export AI scale, it can transmit the recognition result of weighing fresh food to cash register for receipt information accumulation without label printing.
  • Voice broadcast supports Mandarin, Cantonese, Sichuanese, Dongbei dialect, Tianjin dialect etc., to meet demands of customers in different areas.
  • There will be 1~3 photos of recognition result on the display for selecting. It can also search PLU by inputting the first letter or LFCode to select & print.
  • Support to search products by inputting PLU code or the first letter of its name, and pre-packing for the discount commodity.
  • iS2X carries all excellent functions of Aclas label scale, including 32 kinds of label format and outstanding one-click functions such as multi-items on one label, gift basket sales, sale by piece, continuous & quick packing and copy.
  • High-reliability printing mechanism, which can support replacement to linerless label paper module.
    Long press the blank area of the touch screen can generate a fixed hotkey, which is convenient for quick sales of popular products.
  • Adopted the structure design of quick inserting and fixing structure for screen display and fixed base, which is granted the China Utility Model Patent (Patent No.:ZL201920961882.6), the display can be dismantled and replaced easily to quick maintain and replacement.
  • Tap on pan or press the shortcut key on scale keyboard to print label without raising hand.
  • With a powerful scale management software—LINK69, iS2X supports various convenient functions, for instance, automatic association between fresh products with their photos, label editing, 32 kinds of shading download, automatic networking, docking with various existing backend systems, scale nickname editing and photos download & maintenance.
  • The two buttons on the printer correspond to the first two products identified, which can be directly pressed to print and take labels, without repeatedly moving the arm and avoiding arm deltoid muscle strain.
  • Linked to the Aclas Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), the price will be automatically synchronized to the ESL after the price is changed on the scale without manual replacement of the price tag.

Excellent Functions

  • With display angle adjustability design to meet various user height.
    Software: humanized interface, simple and convenient operation, can be customized with shortcut key’s size and pictures.
  • Display: 11.6” HD display, capacitive touch screen, no maintenance and high reliability.
  • Waterproof capacitive touch screen, convenient for wet hand operation.
  • With WAN feature to support PLU and sales data exchange in real time, and easy branches’ management.
  • Aluminum base, more stable operation on the scale.
  • The printer module can be replaced quickly, and the faulty machine can be replaced quickly and easily without professional maintenance personnel.
  • With vertical paper mechanism print module, it can prevent sand, dust and other particles from sticking to the paper roll and damaging the print head.
  • With linerless label printer is optional, printing linerless label paper can save the cost of consumables up to 10%~15%, and is extremely environmentally friendly.
  • Easy-to-understand paper loading operation, label paper can be replaced quickly.
  • Adopt smaller size (11.6”) display screens to avoid large screens that may hinder customers from delivering goods.
  • The small screen can reduce the height of the operator’s hand when selecting items.


Model iS2XBN iS2XBC
Operator display 11.6″ capacitive touch screen  Resolution: 1366*768 11.6″ capacitive touch screen
Resolution: 1366*768
Customer display No 65*132 full dot matrix LCD
Touch screen type Capacitive touch screen
Range 6kg/15kg; 15kg/30kg
Division value 2g/5g; 5g/10g
OS Win 10, Linux, Android 9.0
CPU Intel Z3735, quad-core, up to 1.83GHz
Memory 2GB  RAM
Storage 32GB  EMMC
PLU type Hotkey number,  LFCode, PLU name, item number, unit price, pricing unit, first label, second label, tare, barcode, department, group, package date, package time, preservation date, weight, package type (normal, fixed weight, fixed price, both fixed weight and price), nutrition message, traceability code, additional information 1, additional information 2, discount
Barcode type EAN 8, EAN 13, EAN 128, 2/5 interleaved, Gs1, QR code, Silicon sense QR code, etc.
Optional functions WIFI, linerless label paper type, image identification camera
Printer Paper type Thermal label paper, paper width 62mm,Max Φ90mm(innerΦ28mm),Max Φ80mm(innerΦ40mm);
Print width 56mm
Print speed 120mm/s
COMM type 1*Ethernet, 1*RS232、1*USB
Power AC 100~240V 50~60Hz ;DC 13.8V 3.2A
Working temperature 0℃~40℃
Working humidity 5%~85%R.H.