iR6X Ai Cash Register Scale

Multi-functional Ai Cash Register Scale:
Quick Packing, Label Printing, Small Label Printing, Shelf Label Printing, ACLAS ESL Management , Switchable btw Checkout and Label Mode;

Patented Quick-Plug Design:
Only loosen two bolts can you change the display easily, the whole process only takes 30 seconds. Extremely easy for maintenance;

Support 3rd Party Software Integration

Multi-function 1D/2D scanner (option):
The scanner can be fixed on the scale, or handheld to scan. It meets the need for different applications.

Highlights of Major Functions

  • It can be switched at any time between Ai cashier scale, shelf label printer, label printer, quick packing scale and Ai label scale in Fresh Area:
    A. Ai cashier scale mode: no need to print labels, and the weighed goods can be directly settled, which saves paper supplies and avoids customers’ second queuing to enhance the shopping experience.
    B. Shelf label printer mode: when starting business or changing prices, it can be switched to the shelf label printer mode for batch printing shelf labels.
    C. Label printer mode: support single row or multi-row label paper, batch printing label.
    D. Quick packing scale mode: used for pre-packaged weighing goods, as well as fast packing of special price weighing goods.
    E. Ai label scale mode: move to the Fresh Area to use as Ai label scale, or use each other interchangeably.
  • Patented printer structure supports linerless label paper, label paper, receipt paper or shelf label paper.
  • Environment friendly label printing function, compared with ordinary label with backing paper: a. Reduce the waste of backing paper and be environment friendly. b. Reduce the cost of single label by 10%. c. Increase the capacity of “label number” per roll nearly doubled, and reduce the number of paper roll changes in half. d. Save the labor time of processing waste paper and greatly save the cost of consumables and labors.
  • Multi-function dual-use Bluetooth scanning head, one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code can be supported, not only mobile payment scanning, but also can be fixed on any side of the screen to scan barcode.
  • Linked to the Aclas Electronic Shelf Label (ESL), the price will be automatically synchronized to the ESL after the price is changed on the scale without manual replacement of the price tag.
  • Fast Ai recognition and human eye rough recognition on fruit and vegetable products enable weighers to work without training and memorizing a cascade of LFCode. 0.1s recognition speed improves the working efficiency.
  • With 0.1s high-speed recognition and high accuracy of 99% by Ai visual recognition algorithm. Its model can iterate automatically, thus improving the working accuracy and efficiency of scale. Offline recognition and semi-automatic association of PLU names in store, enables users to deploy and use it quickly.
  • iR6X carries all excellent functions of Aclas label scale, including 32 kinds of label format and outstanding one-click functions such as multi-items on one label, sale by piece, continuous & quick packing and copy.
  • Tap on pan or press the two buttons on the paper outlet to print label without raising hand, which greatly reduces the fatigue of lifting hands. (Up to 4000 hand lifts per day)
  • With a powerful scale management software–LINK69, iR6X supports various convenient functions, for instance, automatic association between fresh products with their photos, label editing, 32 kinds of shading download, automatic networking, docking with various existing backend systems, scale nickname editing and photos download & maintenance.

Excellent Functions

  • With human-friendly interface, the software is easy to operate and able to customize to add images.
  • Display with high reliability: 11.6″ HD and capacitive touch screen.
  • Waterproof capacitive touch screen makes wet hand operation for products contained with water convenient.


Model iR6X
Operator display 11.6″ capacitive touch screen, resolution: 1366*768 15.6″ capacitive touch screen, resolution: 1920*1080
Touch screen type Capacitive touch screen
Customer display 10.1″ color screen (1024*600), LCD 65*132/No
Range 6kg/15kg、15kg/30kg
Division value 2g/5g、5g/10g
OS Ubuntu Android (need to negotiate) win10
CPU Intel  quad-core processor RK3399/RK3568 Intel  6412 , quad-core
Memory 2GB  RAM 2GB  RAM 4G
Storage 32GB  EMMC 32GB  EMMC 64G
PLU type LFCode, PLU name, item number, unit price, pricing unit, first label, second label, tare, barcode, department, group, package date, package time, preservation date, weight, package type (normal, fixed weight, fixed price, both fixed weight and price), nutrition message, traceability code, additional information 1, additional information 2, discount
Barcode type EAN 8,  EAN 13,  EAN 128, 2/5 interleaved, Gs1, QR code,  Silicon sense QR code, etc.
Printer Printer type  Linerless paper printer
2.5″ with cutter 3″ with cutter
Paper type 62mm*Φ80mm 76mm*Φ80mm
Print speed 100mm/s
COMM type WIFI, 1*Ethernet, 1*RS232, 1*Drawer, 4*USB
Power AC 100~240V 50~60Hz ;DC 13.8V 4.2A
Working temperature 0℃~40℃
Working humidity 5%~85%R.H.