Projects For Fiscal Devices


All Fiscal Countries


Fiscal Cash Register, Fiscal Printer, Fiscal Point of Sale, Fiscal Box, Fiscal Signature Device;

Strength of ACLAS on Fiscal Device development:

ACLAS started its Fiscal Device business from the year of 1990s, and is the first and biggest fiscal device manufacturer in the Greater China area. With over two decades experience on different fiscal projects, ACLAS has developed to be one of top fiscal device manufacturers in the world. Our fiscal products have entered almost all fiscal countries worldwide, and enjoy a great reputation in the market.
We are capable of developing fiscal device hardware and software strictly following to different countries’ fiscal legislation.

ACLAS has presented in below fiscal countries:


Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Slovakia, Hungary, Albania, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Bosnia,


Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania,

South America:

Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Panama, Republic of Dominica, Ecuador,