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Merits of Electronic Cash Register(ECR)

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1.Receives money rapidly and correctly which satisfy customers.

After the cashiers enters input customers purchase information, the electronic cash register (ECR) makes fast response of correctly calculating the transaction amount and displaying the information of the amount to be received, actual amount received and how much change should be paid and so on, which reduces the time of cashiers’ calculation and enhances the speed of receiving money. Specially the commodity bar code technical application caused to enhance the speed of receiving money by three times, reduced each transaction time, enhanced the management efficiency and facilitated the customers.

2.Supports variety of payment methods.

Electronic cash register (ECR) Supports customers’ payment methods such as cash, check, credit card, foreign currency, gift certificate, bill of lading and so on. Even in the same transaction, several kinds of payment method can be adopted. Thus, the demands of customers from different levels are satisfied greatly.

3.The achievement statistics and serves for the management.

The cash register can record cashiers sales results and customers’ shopping information, and can print many kinds of reports, which serves directly for the policy-makers by providing them with objective basis.

4.Settle accounts precisely and prevent cheating.

The enterprises’ money and commodities are under strict control with the application of electronic cash register (ECR) . Particularly, the application of fiscal cash register (fiscal ECR) can prevent the enterprises owners from evading tax. The time of account settlements is reduced and the correctness and accuracy are also increased.