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Application of electronic scale and the legal computation

A: the working principle of electronic scale:

Electronic scales belong to a classification of weighing apparatus, which includes: electronic balances, the electronic counter scales, electronic platform scales, electronic hanging scales, platform scales,and so on. Its main components are weighing sensors, and its work principle is to do gravity measurements by a Wheatstone bridge made by Strain components- elastic beam and measurement device-resistance strain gages.

The weak simulation signal of Sensor is adjusted, amplified and Low-pass filter by amplifier to the A/D converter circuit, and A/D converter circuit Integral the single under the control of SCM and export the digital signal to the SCM. SCM switch the weight digital signals into digital form and display it, while input the work instructions to the electronic scale through keyboard circuit. Electronic scales can also provide various output interfaces.

B: The electronic scale features:

1. Electronic scales display the weight costs of the measured commodities in digital, intuitive and fair.

2 electronic scales adopt advanced electronic scale technology, and they can show the value accurately with high precision and small error.

3 electronic scales adopt built-in procedures demarcating mode [calibration], the weight standard is safe and reliable.

4 electronic scales use SCM technologies, and can provide various kinds of interfaces output conveniently,so that can connect computers, printers and so on.

To sum up, electronic scales replacing the mechanical scales is inevitable due to the various characteristics and strongpoint of electronic scales. Of course, now there are still some problem can not be overcome of the electronic scales, such as: mechanical fatigue impact and the electronic components affected by the ambient temperature.

The elastic beam used in electronic scales for weighing sensors adopts the metal materials, so it will have some mechanical fatigue phenomenon, that is, it belongs to analog components and produces linearity distortion, and the relationship between the single exporting size and the actual withstanding force is not ideal linear relationship, so electronic scales will produce non-linear error. The only method to solve these problems is to do scale calibration by standard weights periodically.