Afrina Sweets

Afrina Sweets
TS5X touch scale in Afrina Sweets
TS5X touch scale in Afrina Sweets




Sweet store

Customer: Afrina Sweets

Afrina Sweets is a high-end bakery and sweet store in UAE offering its customers with its perfect special taste and quality cakes, cookies, dry fruits and more. Now it has 7 perfectly running branches across the UAE, as well serving the clients from other GCC countries.

Project Information:

The decoration style of Afrina Sweets stores are very modern and open. Every store holds a large collections of sweets, nuts and dried fruits etc. All the goods are in bulk, so the scale is essential. They need a scale with great performance, meanwhile can blend in with their store decoration style.
They got very fond of ACLAS TS5 PC scale when they casted first sight on it. The tender white color and the stylish design offers a clean elegance to the store.
ACLAS TS5 surely brings more benefits to Afrina besides its appearance. With 15” high-resolution big touch screen, TS5 provides effortless weighing and labeling for Afrina staff. They commented it’s really cheerful to operate on the scale which is clearly displaying their beautiful sweets pictures, and quickly print out label for customers’ orders.
With 10.1” high-resolution customer display screen, TS5 scale is able to play customized advertisement video and pictures for promotion and branding.
Thankful to Afrina Sweet’s favor on ACLAS TS5 scale. Wish them prosperous business!