Abu Dhabi Farmers’ Services Centre





Farm/ Farmer’s Service Center

Abu Dhabi Farmers’ Services Centre (ADFSC)

Abu Dhabi Farmers’ Services Centre (ADFSC) was established in 2009 to bring strategic agricultural reform to Abu Dhabi, especially by introducing and encouraging the conservation of natural resources. They work in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Government to implement reform in farming practices.

Project Information:

Abu Dhabi Farmers’ Services Centre (ADFSC) provides technical and commercial support to Abu Dhabi farmers, helping them grow and market their produce.
In order to improve the production capacity and ensure the supply of high quality of local produce to retailers and government customers, ADFSC decided and succeed in modernizing the supply chain from farm to fork, using new machines for sorting and packaging agricultural products from vegetables and fruits and developing pre-supply operations for the market.
ACLAS LS2 label scale acts as the weighing and labeling role of their packaging system. The reliable performance and user-friendly features won high praises from customer.