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TS5X Touch Scales
TS5X Touch Scales
quick spec:
Processor: ARM 13 1GHZ CPU
RAM: 256M (512M for Android system)
OS: Win CE, Linux, Android
operator display: 10" touch screen (19" for self-service type)
Power supply: 100v-240v, 13.8V3.4A
TS5X Touch Scales TS5X Touch Scales TS5X Touch Scales TS5X Touch Scales TS5X Touch Scales  
  • • ARM-based touch scales with open platform OS (Linux, Windows CE, Android)
    • Full line-up of bench, pole, elevator and self-service type.
    • Cassette printer design, able to quickly switch print mode between label(prepacking) and receipt (sales).
    • 10" operator touch screen for bench, pole and elevator type.
    • 19" big touch screen for self-service type, which is able to display more items with bigger pictures, offering great user experience.
    • 7" or 10" TFT customer display for displaying advertising information.
    • Able to connect with the backoffice to realize real time PLU,sales and stock management, able to setup a network of scales (master ans slave)with floating vendor features.
    • Preloaded scale applications (sales, prepack,self-serivce), or provide SDK for 3rd party software development.
    • Communication port: 1*Drawer, , 1*Ethernet, 2*USB , 1*Serial port.
    • WIFI supported.
  • Optional types TS5PX-A TS5PX-B TS5NX-A TS5NX-A TS5SX
    Operator display 10.1" capacity touch screen;Resolution 1280*800 18.5" infrared touch,Resolution 1280*800
    Touch screen type Capacity touch screen infrared touch screen
    Customer display 10.1" color screen 32*264 customer screen 10.1" color screen 32*264 customer screen Without
    Range 6kg/15kg;15kg/30kg
    Division value 2g/5g;5g/10g
    OS WinCE
    RAM 256M RAM(WinCE system/Linux system),512M RAM(Android system)
    Memory 256M Nandflash(WinCE system/Linux system),512M Nandflash(Android system)
    Barcode type Hotkey number,LF code,PLU name,article number,unit price,pre servation days,tare,barcode,package,weight,package type(normal,fixed price,both fixed) message 1.Message 2.labeltype,discount hotkey,additionatext
    Optional function wifi,linerless paper model
    Printer paper style paper types;thermal label paper,paper with 62mm,105mm
    Printing width Printing width:56mm
    Printing type Clip type label printer,Fast-switching between label and receipt printing Clip type label printer
    Printing speed 150mm/s
    Communication 1*Ethemet/1*RS232/2*USB/1*RS232/1*Drawer
    Power supply AC 100~240V 50~60HZ;DC 13.8V 3.4A
    working temperature 0'C~40'C
    working humidity 5%~85%R.H
  • • Barcode scale, which firstly adopts capacitive touch screen style in whole world, prolongs life span for less scratching and fraying.
    • ARM power economical design which only needs 1/20 power consumption of PC, saves nearly a thousand RMB per year.
    • Patent insect Cproof design prevents the defect caused by bugs entering into the machine.
    • Embedded time-expanding UPS allows further 4 hours continuous scale working (30 pieces of bills per hour) or 300 bills constant printing when scale is out of supply.
    • Floating cashier function, which supports floating cashier operation on different scales of a network, can print out overall barcodes label attached to external bags when checking. And it will print out overall barcodes when internet connected, otherwise only one barcode for one PLU.
    • Drawer style paper input module design: Drawer style paper input box enhances work efficiency and shorts customers check-waiting time for functions of paper automatic alternating , intelligent labels and bills recognition.
    • Maintained easily: it is very easy to be maintained for separated design of printing head and paper input module allowing free dismantling.
    • Adjustable point of view of store display screen can be used both on high cabinet and plain desk.
    • Software: Humanistic interface, easy to operate and can define size of shortcut key and insert illustrations.
    • Barcode traceable function can locate the source of food rapidly for food security.
    • Two-dimensional code available
    • Video supervision function supports omni bearing supervision of proscenium.
    • Online sale function ensures the newest PLU information updating.
    • The second label printing function can print nutrition and other information on second label.
    • Optional models: optional single label printer, double printer with POS function can print labels and different POS receipts
    • Wide-ranged network function can make connection with backstage at any time and make control of PLU information to achieve chained stores controlling only one main host machine.
    • Support connecting scanner, POS, printer and other external device: scanning selling can be achieved.
    • SQL data port provides with fast POS machine connection and information exchanging.