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LH15X Hanging Scale
LH15X Series Hanging Scale
quick spec:
● Accuracy: 1/3,000(15kg 5g)
● Printing Speed: 80mm/s Max
● Sampling rate: 3 Hz Sampling Rate
● Memory capacity: Standard 16Mbit
● Power supply: AC220V 50/60Hz 1A
LH15X Series Hanging Scale  
  • LH1X series hanging scale is suitable for large and medium supermarkets, fresh seafood and other aquatic areas where needs label printing. Anti-swing, adjustable buckles, patent removable and renewable hot keypad and other designs free you from possible problems during usage. Pull-out and vertical paper load mechanism makes convenient for paper installation. Clear printing effect, user friendly and double-sided automatic backlit LCD display features make you and your customers much closer.
  • Accuracy 1/3,000(15kg 5g)
    Internal analytical level 1/3,000
    Display analytical level 1/3000
    LCD Display double LCD sides with auto backlight
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    Sampling rate 3 Hz Sampling Rate
    Memory Capacity standard 16Mbit
    work temperature 0C-40℃ 5%-93%R.H
    stock temperature 0C-40℃ 5%-93%R.H
    power consumption Sleeping mode: 3W Printing mode: 30W
    Thermal printer specification width 56mm 203Dot/in
    Printing speed 80mm/second (light)
    Overload alarm over 100.015% alarm beeps
    Overload protection Mechanic protection effective when 120% overloaded
    PLU memory capacity 10000pcs in total
    Power specification AC220V 50/60Hz 1A
    Printing Content EAN13 barcode, commodity name, unit price, total amount, weight, alarm information, discount sign, packing date, valid date, expiration date, trade mark
    Save data 10000 PLU 10000groups of messages, 2 groups lable files
  • 1. Patent anti-swing design, quickly stop swing.
    2. Adjustable height according to the specific need.(Patent).
    3. Patent hot keypad(84*2 keys) design, which can be lifted up to put PLU sheet underneath. Fast to operate, easy to clean and water-proof.
    4. User friendly and fully featured scale sofware, able to carry out PLU, network, inventory and batch management.
    5. Ethernet port. WIFI module(optional).