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FP7X Series Fiscal Receipt Printer
FP7X Series Fiscal Receipt Printer
quick spec:
● Printer: 1* 80MM thermal printer with auto-cutter
● Printing Speed: 150mm/s Max
● Thermal paper: Roll 80 mm wide x ?80 mm
● Resolution: 8 dot/mm,203dpi,576 dots/72mm
● Power supply: DC24V/2A
● Inbuilt GPRS(Optional)
● Inbuilt- EJ
● OPOS driver support
FP7X Series Fiscal Receipt Printer FP7X Series Fiscal Receipt Printer FP7X Series Fiscal Receipt Printer FP7X Series Fiscal Receipt Printer FP7X Series Fiscal Receipt Printer  
  • The FP7X is a modern design high performance fiscal printer,combined with 3" 250mm/s printer, auto cutter, 2GB electronic journal,in-built GPRS module and a VFD customer display, FP7X can meet all demands for heavy duty check out.
  • Model name FP71MF
    Printer 1* 80MM thermal printer with auto-cutter
    Printers speed max. 150mm/s
    Dot density 8 dot/mm, 203 dpi - horizontal and vertical, 576 dots/72mm
    Fonts 12 x 24
    Printing columns 48 columns
    Graphic logo 576 x 113 pixels
    Memory size RAM 1Mbit
    Reliability 50 Million pulses/50km
    Thermal paper Roll 80 mm wide x Φ80 mm
    Electronic Journal 2G byte internal or external SD Card
    Power supply Switching Mode Power Supply, rating voltage is 100v-240v, 24V2.0A
    Rechargable battery without battery
    Type of the keyboard Membrane keyboard
    Type of the keyboard 4 soft-definition keys
    Operator-Display 32*144 LCD, 3lines
    2*18 characters
    One line for soft-definition key display
    Customer-Display VFD display (9 digits or 11 digits, single line)
    PLU number /
    Tax rates up to 8
    Ports 2*RS232 port (PC, external stand-alone display); 1* drawer port
    Fiscal memory 1.5 Mbit 2750 daily reports
    GPRS (optional) with GPRS module inbuilt
    Easy-loading paper Yes
    Accessory 1 D9-P4 PC cable; 1 CD for PC s/w; 1 SMPS, User Manual
    Dimensions of ECR 234*208*176mm (L*W*H)
    Dimensions of Cash Drawer N/A
  • ※ Printing speed: 150mm/s.
    ※ Fiscal version with Inbuilt 1.5M bit Fiscal memory (can support 2750 daily reports).
    ※ Fiscal version with Electronic Journal (inbuilt 2GB or external SD Card).
    ※ Fiscal Version port: 2*RS232(To PC and External Display), 1*Darwer, DC 24V
    ※ Optional operator display: 32*144 graphic LCD
    ※ Optional customer display: 9 digtis or 11 digits VFD
    ※ Optional inbuilt GPRS module
    ※ Optional OPOS driver or DLL files
    ※ Oblique paper-sensor for precise paper end sensor
    ※ Optimized mechnical design to replace cutter easily without opening the cabinet
    ※ Optimized mechanical design with cutter on the upper side to easy remove from paper jam
    ※ Easy paper loading