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ES1 Fiscal Electronic Signature Device
ES1 Fiscal Electronic Signature Device
quick spec:
● Paper Width: 57mm
● Printing Speed: 150mm/s Max
● Thermal paper: Roll 57 mm wide x Φ50 mm
● With inbuiilt GPRS module
● Power supply: 13.8V, 2.5A
ES1 Fiscal Electronic Signature Device  
  • ※ Build-in secure OTP fiscal memory, keeping a permanent record of electronic signature which is used to authenticate electronic files saved in the PC or POS.
    ※ No paper copies for all financial documents, only electronic signature copies are kept for tax inspectors or for cross reference purposes.
    ※ Common share of an ESD device via PC/POS system or networking connectivity to reduce cost.
    ※ Secure, Easy Document Validation, Reliable Storage, and Transparent to the User Operation help to get free from any human errors & eliminate possible disputes.
    ※ With the support of GPRS technology, can save the manpower of Tax officer
  • Model ES1
    Printer Printing method Single 57mm thermal printer
    Printers speed 150mm/s
    Paper width*diameter 57 mm*50mm
    Sensor Paper end sensor
    Column 32
    Font English 12*24
    Easy paper roll drop in design
    Keyboard Patented membrane keyboard
    9 button for easy menu operated set-up and control functions
    Display Graphic LCD 32*144 with backlight,2*16 characters
    Communication ports 1*RS232 port,115200bps for fiscal memory reading
    1*Ethernet port for PC connectivity
    Option for in-build GPRS module
    Physical characteristics Dimensions 200.5(W)*104(D)*67.4(H)mm
    Weight 0.52kg unpacked
    Storage Temperature -20℃~60℃
    Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃
    Operating Humidity 5%~93% R.H.
    Power Supply 13.8V 2.5A
  • ※ Long-life , water-proof patented membrane keyboard design.
    ※ Graphic LCD 32*144, 2line*16 characters for easy memu selection.
    ※ Optional for in-built GPRS module,directly send total tax via GPRS to revenue authority server,to save officer manpower.
    ※ Option for 7.4V1400mAH back up Li battery Rechargable battery,which is able to support about 10 hours working when power interruption encountering.