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Electronic Shelf Label
ACLAS Electronic Shelf Label
quick spec:
Screen: 2.9"dot matrix e-paper
DPI: 296*128
Color: Black/White/Red
COMM Mode:2.4G
Battery: 2*600mAh
Electronic Shelf Label Electronic Shelf Label Electronic Shelf Label Electronic Shelf Label Electronic Shelf Label  
  • ● The world's unique and first (patented) ESL software system, which can read the position of shelf label and trace the commodity position on the shelf, prevent the tallyman from adjusting the product position freely.
    ● Exclusively function which shows the commodity layout in the cloud, allows adjust golden position remotely and check the sales performance of the product in different positions.
    ● Wired communication, which is more fast and stable compared with wireless communication. It allows refurbish the price quicker than other brands (change a price in 0.5sec, download in 2 sec/one). To use rail power supply system instead of disposable Li-battery, which is more environmental and can effectively reduce the management cost of enterprise.
    ● With anti-theft function, it will record the offline time of ESL. The thief can be caught by monitoring the offline time.
    ● Via locating products precise coordinate (±15mm) on ESL, commodity position is able to be captured precisely; a visible commodity layout adjustment is realized on PC remotely, and conducts picker to adjust commodity position based on ESL interval.
    ● Shelf Horizontal commodity interval is freely expanded and narrowed via ESL interval adjustment, commodity occupied space layout will be updated to server in time for easy track and better adjustment.
    ● Support takeaway picking function: 8-color picking index lights on both base station and ESL. Allow 8 takeaway pickers to pick order synchronously under the guide of lights. It can greatly reduce 3/4 of the picking time.
    ● 8 colors LED can be adapted to commodity promoting via LED colorful flashing. It is good to attract customers' attention.
    ● Exclusive (patented) handy terminal can liberate operators' hands to tallying, checking, transferring, replenishing and adjusting ESL.
  • ESL specification

    Model SL5-2.4" SL3-2.13"L SL3-2.13" SL2-2.9" SL4-4.2"






    Effictive display
    36.72*48.96 23.71*48.55 23.71*48.55 29.06*66.90 84.8*63.6

    167 dpi

    110 dpi

    130 dpi

    112 dpi

    120 dpi

    Pixel density


    122*250 128*296 400*300
    EPD dot matrix e-paper
    Working Temperature
    -25~10℃ 10~40℃
    2 x 550mAh 4 x 550mAh
    Battery life
    5 years(4 updates per day)

    Waterproofing grade
    1 silicone keypad
    1 magnetic button
    8-color LED
    8-color LED
    COMM method
    RS485 wired COMM
    2.4G wireless COMM
    Accessories Slide way Slide way/Hanging rail/Clip/Counter stand/Paste/Waterproof case
  • ● It is greatly cost-effective and environmental via design on mobile phone APP and computer paperless operation, and automatically change price management.
    ● With waterproof, anti-fog, anti-freeze, dust-proof and other characteristics, it perfectly solves the problem that the paper price tag or ordinary ESL gets wet with water mist.
    ● Combined with online sales app, ESL QR Code coupons helps real-time and personalized marketing and promotion.
    ● Optimizing the workflow of price changing, layout, picking, etc., and Reminding on nearly invalidity, picking, tallying and promotion, it can rise up 60% efficiency.
    ● Combined with APP to provide comprehensive value-added services, online and offline transactions are penetrated with rich and accurate commodity information, interaction between store and users, e-commerce and users are enhanced. End customer sickness is increased.
    ● Enhancing enterprise brand image, strengthening terminal management and control, ESL intelligent solution leads you a future of new retail.
  • System Composition Scheme

    Installation Accessories
    ESL Slide way ESL Hanging rail Waterproof Case
    Apply to Standard multi-layer board, e.g. general shelf area in store & supermarket Apply to T-shaped hooks, guardrails, such as wine racks, snack areas, etc. Apply to Seafood and Fresh areas, 1 meter Waterproof
    ESL counter Stand Clip Paste
    Apply to all Counters and multiple departments Apply to Fruit and Vegetable Category, Glasses Category and Seafood Category with glass frame Adapt to the facade environment, such as wall, glass cabinet surface, etc.
    Takeaway Picking Management

    Both the base station and the ESL have 8-color picking index lights. 8 takeaway pickers can simultaneously picking under the guide of HT4 custom picking map and the picking light.

    Inventory + Replenishment Management

    The tally clerk arranges the corresponding number of commodities according to the arrangement required by the ESL software system layout. During the inspection, if the quantity of goods on the shelf is insufficient, you can check the quantity of goods through HT4 and send the replenishment demand to the warehouse. The warehouse receives the replenishment notice and replenishes the goods on the shelves after preparing the goods.