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CS6X Cash Scale
CS6X series Cloud Cash Scale
quick spec:
※ Model: CS6ZX
※ Display: 65*132 LCD with backlight
※ Printing speed: 150mm/s
※ Paper width: 58mm
※ Printer head life: 50km
CS6X Broad Band Scale ECR  
  • ※ Optional “Cloud” card stored-value function, safe and convenient for chain store to issue stored-value card under semi-online sale mode.
    ※ Insect-proof design (patent), base and transmission parts of the scale are totally enclosed, able to prevent bugs like cockroaches from worming into the machine causing breakdown..
    ※ The fastest print speed (150mm/s) of cash register scale in the world (the traditional cash register scale in the market is 50~80mm/s).
    ※ Floating cashier function supports cashier to follow transaction with same customer on different scales as well as settle account and print receipt. Orinted receipts information can be collected to the server, suitable for tourist market.
    ※ Removable and renewable hot keypad, can be edited via PC at any time and printed out so that receptionist can operate with single key, no need to remember serial item number.
    ※ Optional NFC/M1 card management offline/online (with security system).
    ※ Silicone key with light touch feeling and long usage life, makes operation more quickly and easily, high reliability (guarantee for 2 years).
    ※ Optional 2.4G ‘P-tooth’ to connect with Pinnacle wireless POS peripheral (wireless barcode scanner, NFC/M1 RF card reader, customer display, wireless login lock and so on).
    ※ Optional model with/without built-in battery. For model with battery, unique power saving design can avoid data loss once power outage.
    ※ Optional cash drawer with adjustable space, no need to exchange notes in the peak of settle account. Capable of placing 3 notes and 5 coins. The core of the cash drawer could be pulled out alone and covered to financial office rather than suspending account and handovering on the check-out.
    ※ Support cash register management function such as R/A, member, card transaction function, stock-in check, etc..
    ※ Multiple sales function such as weighing, piece sale, fixed weight and price sale, temporary goods sale, discount, return, dep. sale, etc..
  • Optional types CS6ZX
    Precision Class
    Internal resolution 1/3000
    Weighing range 6kg/15kg;15kg/30kg
    Verification scale interval 2g/5g;5g/10g
    Display 65*132 LCD with backlight
    Keyboard 60*2 hot keys+25 function keys
    PLU 12000
    Printer type Thermal printer, easy loading paper
    Printing speed 150mm/s
    Paper width 58mm
    Printer head life 50km
    battery capacity(optional) 50mm
    Paper external diameter lead-acid cell12V 2.3Ah
    Power supply AC220V 50Hz / DC13.8V 2.5A
    Communication interface USB,RS232,drawer port, Ps2 Ethernet port (only for Ethernet type)
    WIFI (optional) Wifi,GPRS
    Cashbox(optional) 3 notes 5 coins small cashbox
    Working temperature 0℃~40℃
    Working Humidity 10~90% R.H.
    Dimension 348.6*389.3*541.3mm
  • "Cloud" Functions
    ※ Cloud type supports to transmit data to headquarter server directly, suitable for chain management and traceability management. (Welcome software provider to negotiate cooperation.)
    ※ Optional WIFI, GPRS, 3G,4G function, support to send data distributed in chained stores to headquarter cloud server without wiring.
    ※ Supplier traceability message can be downloaded via NFC/M1 card, support to print receipt with traceability code.
    ※ Traceability management function, support to print traceability code label.
    ※ Traceability statistic and report module provides supplier goods source report which displays the statistic data of goods source. The data where the goods has gone also can be statistic and reported to the server.

    Excellent Functions
    ※ Provide USB interface, Ethernet type can download data via Ethernet interface, faster and more convenient than traditional cash register scale with RS232 interface.
    ※ More flexible and greater business function, such as discount, price changing, void/return and so on.
    ※ Mini easy-loading paper printer, saving valuable counter space.
    ※ Store's name and logo can be edited and downloaded by PC.
    ※ PLU barcode number: 12,000 of the type with pole
    ※ Available for 6 clerks to hold bill at the same time, meet the needs of business.
    ※ Flexible inventory deduct method, suitable for the food with packaging. Able to calculate the precise stock even different food using one pack.
    ※ Support calculator function, able to do arithmetic on the keyboard.
    ※ Support complete financing functions: purchase, sale, stock, stocktaking, gross profit, etc..
    ※ Print multiple reports: daily report, term report, department report, PLU report, clerk report, gross profit report, etc..
    ※ Perfect combination of cashing and weighing, suitable for fresh food shops.
    ※ Support upload report, transaction list, download PLU and hotkey information by USB disk (connect to RS232 transfer to USB box).
    ※ Unique fixed price and fixed weight sale function.
    ※ Hotkey can be defined flexibly.
    ※ Freely set V1~Vn mode as cashier key or temporary bill holding key according to different occasions.

    Software Interface
    ※ Support EAN-13, EAN-8, 37 types of EAN-13 inner code and multiple payment methods.
    ※ Support mixed payments, such as cash, swiping card and vouchers.
    ※ Support the functions of payment options, non-transaction payout, currency transition, etc..
    ※ Access controlled by password which can be changed at any time.
    ※ Training mode (used for training new clerks) and normal sales mode can be switched at any time.