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CD8X VFD Customer Display
CD8X VFD Customer Display
quick spec:
※ Easy-to-read 128 x 24 dot matrix display
※ Can display graphics, logos, and Asian character sets
※ Dot matrix: 128*24
※ User-defined characters quickly downloaded with built-in flash memory
※ ESC/POS compatible
CD8X VFD Customer Display CD8X VFD Customer Display CD8X VFD Customer Display  
  • CD8X is a upgrade version of CD7, utilizing graphical 128*24 VFD display that provides better support on more lanauages (eg. Chinese, Arabic) ,graphics and other user-defined characters.
  • Display Method Vacuum fluorescent
    Dot matrix 128*24
    Display Color Green
    Brightness 700 cd/m2
    Character Type 95 Alphanumeric
      13 Kinds of international character set
      1 set of user definable character set
      Graphic characters:128*8 pages
      simple & traditional characers
    Number of Characters 21 characters x 2 lines
    Character Font 6*12
    Dot pitch 0.4 mm*0.4 mm
    Character Size 6.6mm*13.2mm
    power supply 5V
    Power Consumption 450mA
    MTBF 25,000 hours
    interface RS232C/USB
  • ※ Capable to display 21characters (21 characters *2 lines)
    ※ Support large fonts upto 6.6mm*13.2mm
    ※ Optional heights of poles: 240mm and 100mm.
    ※ Compatible with ESC/POS command.
    ※ Able to power directly via RJ45 port without connecting external power supply.
    ※ OPOS driver available.