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Restaurants Service Calling System

Table call paging system
What is service calling system?
Service Calling System is a wireless system specially designed for the restaurant application, which Service Caller can work with Display independently without any extra device.

What does Service Calling System include?
2 options for Service Caller:            Desk type service caller            SC1W5
                                                              Round shape service caller     SC2W5

3 options for Display:                        Wall type big display                  BD1W5
                                                              Watch type display                      WD1W5
                                                              Waist pager type display           PD1W5

1 Signal Reinforcement Device:     RF repeater                                 RR1W5

How does it work?
1. Customer initiates a calling through the service from SC1X or SC2X which be fixed on the table.
2. Waiter/waitress receive the service demand on Watch ( or BD1X, PD1X).
3. By the No. shown on Watch, he/she will immediately get the service demand of customer, then provide prompt service.
4. First 3 digits stands for table No., last digit stands for service code.
5. 1.2.3. service code means WATER, CALL, BILL, respectively.
6. Function key definition of SC1X and SC2X can be customized with MOQ order quantity.

Options of Service Calling Display

BD1X   BD1W5 Wall type display
1. Size: 420mm(W)*165mm(D)*607.mm(H), Font height 101.6mm.
2. With external power supply.
3. With external 433MHz wireless Dongle to receive calling inside 100m range.
4. Sound volume is adjustable to match different environment.
5. Buffer could keep maximum 180 service codes, and first 5 could be displayed circularly.
6. The service code only can be erased on the Service Caller.

  WD1W5 Watch type display/ PD1X Waist pager type display
1. 3 lines 4 digit display, can show 3 customer demands in one time.
2. In-built 433MHz wireless module to receive calling within 60m range.
3. Inbuilt battery life time upto 2 days after fully charged.
4. With “F” function key for easy matching with the managing table no.
5. Vibration strength is adjustable.
6. With low-battery alarm.
7. Buffer could keep maximum 180 service codes, can check the latest coming service code by using "↑" "↓"
8. Service code can be cleared directly.
9. PD1X not only prompt with vibrating but also sounding.
10. Could be set to only receive an unique service code (I.E only receive the call of “Set up the table” on the watch for cleaner).

Options of Service Caller

  SC1X Desk type service caller/SC2X Round type service caller
1. Unique design position to stick table No.
2. With in-built 433MHz wireless module.
3. Inbuilt 12V dry battery life time upto 6 mouths.
4. SC1X has unique design to put on quick menu or advertisement.
5. SC2X has unique design to easily fix on the table.

RR1X Signal Repeater
1. Only need when you want to extend the communication distance.
2. With one RR1X it can extend the communication distance in 3 times.
3. Default setting of RR1X can fully receive and transmitting the signal.
4. Only need to match RR1X with SC1X/SC2X when there are two and above RR1X be used.
5. With external power supply.

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