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Guest Paging System

Guest Paging System includes a GP master(GP1W6) and Pager group (GP1SW6), is especially designed for fast-food restaurant and food court business. Customer can go around until the pager call them back to take their meal.
Note: All Pinnacle ECR of restaurant version are
          capable of wirelessly paging.
How does it work?
(Active pager is the one on customer hand, Idle pager is the one on the pager base)
(Pager group A is the one with power port, Pager group B is the one without power port)

1. With in-built 433MHz wireless module.
2. Each active pager will match with one paid receipt of meal.
3. First pager no. can start with any receipt no and the pager no. is increased automatically by just take out from the base and give to customer.
4. After the meal ready, call the related pager (vibrating, blinking and beeping) back by using GP master or using Pinnacle ECR.
5. Pager group used with Pinnacle restaurant version ECR via 433MHz Dongle, can call the related pager back by press the receipt No. and “Paging” key on ECR.
6. Pager group used with GP master can call the related pager back by press the receipt No. and “Call” key on GP master.
7. After put pager back into the base, the returned pager no. will be shown on display of ECR or GP master for double checking to avoid any mistake.
8. One GP master power can support 3 pager group B’s working, each pager group include 10 pagers.
9. One Group A power can support 2 Group B’s working.
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