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Realize wireless dish order system by portable receipt printer.

In traditional restaurant, dish orders are usually wrote and handed by waiters. There are obvious abuses in this process handled by human:

1.It is very slow to place orders, because of the limit of the manual writing speed.

2.Manual writing and transferring orders may cause the wrong order or lost order, and make the customers unsatisfied, so to affect the restaurant reputation.

3.Waiters transfer orders between the kitchen, cashier counter and customers, which has a low efficiency. When the waiters run frequently in busy time, they cannot spare enough time to provide the best service to the customers, so it is easy to make customers unsatisfied and lose customers source.

Wireless dish order system is the best efficient way to realize restaurant information and improve customers’ consuming experience.

Realize wireless dish order system

The following is the explanation of using portable receipt printer to realize wireless dish order:

1. Waiters hold PDA with wireless function in hand, and hang the portable receipt printer in waist. When there are customers to repast, the waiters can check the present seating situation and guide the customers to the relative location.

2.Waiters order dishes by PDA, and create dishes data.

3.Waiters drive the portable receipt printer by PDA to print customers’ menu. At the mean time, they will send the menu data to the back office (kitchen printer, transfer dishes machine, ECR, data base, etc.)

4.Dishes senders serve the dishes and make marks on the customers’ menu; the waiters update the serving situation in PDA.

According to the traditional order dishes mode, we can see that there are following advantages to use PDA and portable receipt printer, the wireless dishes order system:

1.Improve efficiency

The waiting time of the costumers can be shortened, because the time of the ordering, serving and checkout is shortened.

2.Improve the customers’ content degree, and earn a high reputation

Using the wireless order dishes system can maintain the restaurant environment in order even at the busy time.

3.Convenient and fast, avoid the mistakes

Waiters use the PDA with aptitude operation system as the dish order machine, which is very easy to operate. Waiters can work without any special training. Since there is no need to write menu manually or transfer menu manually, so the process of order and transfer dishes becomes very concise, which also avoids the wrong orders and missing orders phenomena.

4.Short construction cycle, fast investment return

No matter the restaurants adopting the traditional dish order mode, or the restaurants adopting PDA, but not equipping the wireless dish order system with the portable receipt printer, can build or update to the wireless dish order system with portable receipt printer in a short time. And after adopting such wireless dish order system, restaurant enterprises can provide better service with fewer waiters than before. The saved costs of the management, manpower and material resources, with the profits the wireless system brings, can make the investment cost returned in less than one year.