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What is ECR?

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ECR is the abbreviation for electronic cash register. ECR is a machine that records customer transactions and has an attached cash drawer for storing currency. ECRs are used to record, total, accept payment and make change for customer transactions. ECRs range from manual ones, which simply display amounts charged for items, tax and total, to fully functioning computers and networked point-of-sale systems with a host of features. Usually the cash register also prints a receipt for customer. Cash Register Tape is used to record the transactions for both the retailer in a running journal, and the customers as receipts for their purchases. In many point-of-sale systems cash register tape journal rolls have been replaced by paperless electronic journal rolls.

An electronic cash register (ECR) may be compulsory for tax purposes. The law sometimes also requires customers to collect the receipt and keep it at least for a short while after leaving the shop, again for checking that the shop records sales, so that it can not evade taxes. This kind of cash registers is called fiscal cash registers (fiscal ECR).

The commercial electronic payment is the product of the combination of microelectronic
technology development and the modernization circulation of commodities management idea and the technological development, while the commercial electronic cash register (ECR) is one of essential basic electronic equipment for modernization and the automated business management. The first electronic cash register (ECR) was invented by James Ritty in 1879. He was the owner of a tavern in Dayton, Ohio and wanted to stop dishonest employees from pilfering his profits. At the later periods of 1960's, Japan took the lead to develop successfully the electronic cash register (ECR). At the middle of 80's, special-purpose commercial terminal system (POS) with strong functions was produced. It becomes the third generation of cash register. Difference between POS and the ECR lies if the accounts can be entered immediately and directly. POS has very strong real-time processing capability on network. POSintegrates the computer hardware and the software and become an intelligent commercial working station, which is able to work immediately and independently and also work under the network environment.

The Significance of Using the Electronic Cash Register ( ECR )

The commercial electronic cash register (ECR) has satisfied the store operators’ wish fruitfully. Its high accuracy in accounting, high efficiency in the sales and high actuality in commodity management make the commercial operators invest not in a big way, but they may grasp complete data in the commodity circulation process in details, rapidly, accurately and make them more powerful in market investigation, the internal management, the policy-making consultation and the employee & department appraisal and reduce the operation cost greatly. We do not exaggerate that it is far from the commercial automation, the modernization without commercial electronic cash register (ECR). For future business, the operators must be inferior in market competition without electronic cash register (ECR) help.