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Wonders by us, portable printers great shopping

There are many kinds of portable printers on present market, with different characteristics. In order to learn more profound about them and make convenient for shopping, let’s meet the portable printers today.

Outlines of portable prints shopping

There are many kinds of portable printers on present market, we suggest you should buy according to yourself demands.

1)Choose according to one own application situation

Although the general type products have a wide application range, not only they can print texts, but also can they print pictures, their printing effect and speed are less than the professional digital products. After all different type products have their own different specialism. So users should choose based on their own actual application demands.

For example, the user is a businessman, and he need print trade contacts and various kinds of trade texts, so naturally, he should choose the general-type products. But if the user needn’t print text,but want to enjoy the fun that the digital video brings on the trip, then he should choose the digital-type products.

2)Except price, the print cost should be also concerned.

As to the print equipments, the print cost is an element need to be paid attention to, while choosing. To compare with the platform printer, the portable printer has a little tube, so its ink box cannot be large, and it has a little print quantity. So we should know clear about the print cost while buying the print equipments.

Especially to the digital picture-type product, printing pictures wastes much more ink than printing texts. While buying, you should know clearly about the ink box price, the print quantity of the ink box, the price of the matched picture paper. In addition, we need indicate that the print cost of the terminal products is higher than the print cost of the ink-type products.

3)The portable characteristics cannot be ignored

As portable product, definitely, its weight is another important element to be considered, while buying. Every user has a different situation, so naturally the choice standard is different. For example, as to the users with cars or travel by personal car, the weight isn’t so big a problem. If the users hang the printer on their shoulder, they should choose the lighter product, under the same printing technique guideline situation.

4)With many extended functions, pay attention to the rationality of the choice.

Except the regular printing functions, many portable products on present market have also designed many extended functions (some appears as optional accessories), for example the Bluetooth function, play pictures after connecting with TV and pictures transfer and store function, etc. Every user has a different actual situation, so these extended functions have different application significance to him. One function, which is important to this user, may be meaningless to another user. So users should choose the extended functions according to their actual situation, pay attention to the rationality of the choice.