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Handy terminal

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Handy terminal is used more and more popularly in the chain shop management system. Handy terminal operation can reduce the mistakes of clerks’operation. Can acquire commodity’s real time price and information by inquiring,so to improve clients’ contentment.

Handy terminal application includes batch handy terminal and wireless handy terminal.Batch handy terminal needs communication seat to communicate with PC through computer serial port and USB.Wireless handy terminal communicates with PC by wireless AP, and do real time data sending.

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    1.Capable of realizing the non-shutout stocktaking with the special stocktaking software, which can greatly ease the working intension, decrease the operation cost, and guarantee the data validity.
    2.*Real-time processing of ordering dish, querying the bill, changing the order in waiter pad type.

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Application Area

1)Use handy terminal to accept and return commodities in shop

2)Use handy terminal to inquiry real time price and information of commodity.

3)Use handy terminal and portable printer to scene sale

4)Use handy terminal to do comprehensive check and real time check, by commodity’s price,location and type.

batch handy terminal application

1)handy terminal service program visit database in computer and form file format handy terminal work needs

2)Download the files to handy terminal.

3)Start work by handy terminal (stock, return, check, inquiry and so on)

4)Upload the data the handy terminal scans to the computer database.

wireless handy terminal application

1)Login the system by wireless handy terminal;

2)Enter relative operation module.

3)Scan the barcode directly, and acquire information by wireless network.

4)Send the operation results to the system database by wireless network.