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Electronic Cash Register ( ECR) Peripheries

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With the modern technology development, the electronic cash register (ECR) appendix equipment increases gradually. Commonly the following can be seen:

1) Printer --- besides the in-built printer, the electronic cash register ( ECR) can also be connected with external printer ( like kitchen printer and receipt printer for restaurants )

2) Bar code reader --- also called bar code scanner, is a device for bar coder input. It can be divided into 4 kinds according to the appearance: Pen type, handhold, counter type and card type. According to the photosource, it may be divided into two kinds: infrared light and laser.

3) Magnetic card reader --- it is a kind of device using magnetism to record signal to read-in or write-in the credit card information to electronic cash register (ECR) .Its types are many. It is divided into three kinds according to the track quantity: single track, two-track, three-track.

4) Electronic scale --- weigh commodity in the spot and transfer the data to the electronic cash register (ECR).

5) Modulator-Demodulator --- namely MODEM, it transfers electronic cash register (ECR) data to PC through telephone line.

6) Back power source --- is UPS, uses it to directly supply power to the electronic cash register (ECR) when power failure.

7) Communication networking port --- its hardware is composed of a group of chips or the card and the physical ports and its software is composed from a group of program.

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