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Firstly, we should understand what is portable data collector. Data collector can be divided into two kinds according to the usage: online data collector and portable data collector. Online data collector can be divided into platform collector and with line collector; most of them are supplied power by DC directly and cannot be used alone; they are connected with PC by cable to transfer data. There are two ways for such scanner to transfer data to PC: one is emulation keyboard; the other is transfer data to PC through communication port. The former can be supplied power by the computer; the latter needs to be supplied power separately. So the online data collector must be installed at a fixed location, and must bring the barcode to the scanner to read. Presently, some Logistics enterprises have begun to use this kind of collector at the in/out stock management. Because of the limits in the usage range and purpose of the online data collector, it cannot be applied in the situation that needs to be used offline, such as stock-check and the big product scanning, etc. in order to make up the limits of the online data collector, portable data collector emerges as times require.

Portable data collector is designed to suit the scene data collect and scanning big products’ barcode and other offline situation. While reading the barcodes, it is to bring scanner to the barcode to scan, opposite to the online data collector. So it can be called hand terminal, check-stock machine. It is supplied power by battery, and the communication with PC and scanning can be separated, it owns its own inner packet, can save some quantity data, and transfer the data to PC at the proper time. Almost all portable data collectors have the editing ability, with applications; it can be the professional equipment with strong functions, so to meet the application demands on different situation. More and more Logistics enterprises cast their sight on the portable data collector, many Logistics enterprises have used portable data collectors in storeroom management, transportation management and the products implement trace.

Presently, thousands manufacturers are doing business of the barcode technology and its series products in the world, including the development, research, manufacture and trade. There are nearly ten thousand kinds of products. And they have developed the portable data collectors that can save ten thousand barcode information and are widely used in many situations such as the stock management, commodity check and various kinds of field operations. Portable data collectors are benefited from the electron technology’s development towards miniaturization, micromation and intelligentization. The portable data collectors in present market are actually the full-function computers; some are so small that can be put into pocket.

According to the latest report of an American management and consultation company (VDC), the sale of the portable data collectors and their server is 1.5 Billion in American market in 1995, and forecasted that this business would increase by 11% every year in the following 5 years. Various technical guideline of the portable data collector has improved at a large range, such as capability, collocation and data communication. It enters the market in a new appearance, and begins to develop towards deeper and wider fields. It has received great achievements overseas in the check-stock field, and spreads widely.

With the popularity of the barcode technology, the marketplace modernization develops fast, the market of the portable data collectors has formed and there is a large demand of them. But the check-stock technology in national Logistics enterprises is still in a low level. Actually, the application of the portable data collector system is not only save time, reduce the workload, down the management fee and improve the stock organization effectively, but also build data collect system at Logistics enterprises. It is very applied to use portable data collectors.

1.Little difficulty in implement

Logistics enterprise only needs to buy portable data collector system based on the original MIS system. With the development of technology, the function of the portable data collector is becoming perfect. Generally, all portable data collector systems are with Internet applications and convenient for the users to connect with the original system without any leak while running the original system. We can say that the usage of the portable data collector is the beneficial supplement at the check-stock aspect for the original system.

2.Convenient to install the equipment, easy to operate and with high practicability

No need to increase space, no limit of time or space, smart and applied, convenient to realize the real time check-stock and product trace management.

3.Equipment need low investment, but receives obvious results

For example, improve work efficiency, save work time, reduce workload, knock-down various management fees, improve stock structure in time. The most important is that using portable data collector can shorten check-stock cycle and the time each check-stock needs, so to realize the non-shutout check-stock, and reduce the mistakes in locale management to the least.

4.Many successful instances at home and abroad can be used for reference presently, management and technology develop maturely.

The Internet applications of the Portable data collector system have a high practicability, are stable and easy to operate. Improve the veracity of the check data and reliability of the data communication, so to resolve the abuse that human check slowly and easy to make mistakes.

5. Convenient to buy and maintain

Some overseas professional company enter national high-tech market, such as business field and Logistics field, e.g. Symbol, Unitech and CASIO and so on, which has formed a rather competed seller market. This definitely prove much convenience for Logistics field, such as purchase convenience, maintenance convenience,update convenience and after-sale service convenience, etc. 

6.Portable data collector is continually developing towards miniaturization, intelligentization and multifunction.

After buy the equipment, operator can master the usage fast, no need special training or retain the expert personnel.

With the popularization of the barcode technology, the proportion of the barcode this commodity uses is increasing every year, and the application of Logistics barcode is becoming more and more popular. All of those supply enough data source for Logistics enterprises to make sure the smooth usage of the portable data collector.

There are many kinds of portable data collector in national market presently with different capability, dimension and price, which makes users feel confused, they don’t know what to choose.For example, as to the portable data collectors all used 16 digits CPU, with similar capability, code compatibility, and collocations such as memory, display and scanner, and when their technology support and service don’t have many differences, most customers will refuse to spend 10 thousand Yuan for them that can be bought by thousands Yuan.

As to the ordinary clients, the basic principles of choosing portable data collector is as followings:

(1)Application Range

Clients should choose different portable data collector according to their own situation. If they use the portable data collector in a large and solid storage, they should choose the collector with large scanner scope, far distance reading ability and high First Reading of. But as to middle and small sized storage users, such demand isn’t so high, they can choose full-function and easy operated collector. The most important point for the ordinary clients is “enough for use”, that is to buy what they need, not to buy the expensive and strong-functioned collector system.

(2)Coding Range

Coding range is an important guideline in choosing a portable data collector. Every client has his own coding range demand. Most portable data collector can identify a few codes such as EAN code, UPC code, but there is great difference. Some codes as EAN128 code, 39 yards and Codabar should be considered in Logistics field. So clients should consider their own need of the coding range to choose the right collector.

(3)Port Requirements

The port capability of the collector is another important guideline to comment its function. Firstly clients should know such situation as the operation circumstance and interface of their original system, then choose the suitable portable data collector.


First Reading of is a comprehensive guideline of data collector. It has a certain relationship with barcode printing quality, the design of encode and the capability of the scanner. The higher the First Reading of is, the more saved time is, but its price is higher than other kinds correspondingly. While check-stock, can control the barcode sign manually to make the portable data collectorto rescan, so it doesn’t require strictly, it is just the measurement of the work efficiency. But it requires very high in auto-pick system. Of course, the higher the First Reading of of the portable data collector is, the more the miscode rate is. So users should buy the collector meet the system requirements according to their own actual situation and economy ability, choose the suitableFirst Reading of and miscode rate


While choosing the portable data collector, price should be a concerned question.Price may be greatly different due to different collocation and function. So we should pay attention to the price as well as to the capability,and choose the relatively inexpensive product that meets the system apply demand.