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AO5X Series All-in-one ARM POS
PO5X Series: All-in-one PC POS
quick spec:
● Operating system: Android8.0/Window10/Linux
● RAM: 2GB/4GB/8GB
● Storage: 32GB/64GB/128GB
● Power supply: 12V 5A
● Printing speed: 150mm/s
AO5X Series All-in-one ARM POS        
  •       Optional commercial front software for retails, convenience stores, restaurants,supermarkets, food plazas, boutique and so on, to access data of head office directly,establish chain network, and support online update.Operator display could be adjusted 30°~75~°by cashiers.
  • Model PO5X Z3735
    Architecture Mainboard low-power Atom industrial-control mainboard
    Processor Intel Z3735,quad-core,Max 1.83GHz
    RAM 2GB/4GB/8GB
    Storage 32GB/64GB/128GB
    Power supply 12V 5A
    I/O Port USB2.0 4
    Serial Port 2
    Cash drawer port 1*RJ12
    Ethernet port 1
    Options RFID mifare reader module
    MSR 1-2-3tracks magnetic reader
    Scanner 20 line grid scanner
    Display Operator display 15"(1024*768)
    Touch Panel Capactive
    Customer display 24*128 dot matrix VFD/9 digital VFD
    10"/15" colorful customer display
    Printer Printer 3" with cutter:80mm*Ø80mm
    2"without cutter:57mm*φ80mm
    Printing speed 150mm/s
    Operating system Android8.0/Window10/Linux
    Dimensions 373mm(L)*241mm(W)*498mm(H)
    Weight 4.5KG(not including customer display)
    ◈ Optional commercial front software for retails, convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets, food plazas, boutique and so on, to access data of head office directly, establish chain network, and support online update.
    ◈ Optional 24*128 full dot-matrix VFD or 9 digital VFD customer display, able to display detailed consumption contents with adjustable angle (±180°).
    ◈ Operator display could be adjusted 30°~75°by cashiers.
    ◈ Apply professional Fanless industrial-control main board and low-power intel CPU in the host, run more stably and reliably.
    ◈ Adopt 15" bezel free capacitive touch screen, with elegant appearance and provides superb user experience. No need to press hard, ensuring long usage lifetime.
    ◈ Optional 10" and 15" colorful customer display, used for multimedia advertisement playing, in-store promotion and information publish etc.. Type of double screen will bring more value-added service and advertisement revenue.
    ◈ Optional thermal printer 2" without cutter, or 3"with cutter. Up to 150mm/s high print speed. Adopt unique slanting piercing paper sensor patent is with mechanism to replace paper-cutter easily without opening the printer cover, and with flexible black mark position function.
    ◈ With M1 prepaid management of the highest safety class, provide users with ISO14443A M1 card offline issuing mechanism of high safety class and chain management, instead of the online mode with high costs.
    ◈ Optional 45°downwards laser barcode scanner(eye protection) with patented magnetic sucker, able to take it down quickly to scan large commodities.
    ◈ Flexible module design concept, (un)install magcard reader, i-Button, scanner, WiFi, customer display and other module easily, satisfy different customers.