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MR1X Series Magcard Card Reader
MR1X Series Magcard Card Reader
quick spec:
※ Card standard: ISO/IEC 7811-7815
※ Decode mode: Aiken Biphase(F/2F)
※ Pulling card speed: 10-120cm/s
※ Magcard thickness: 0.20mm-1.2mm
※ Dimension: 140mm(W)*40mm(D)*40mm(H)
MR1X Series Magcard Card Reader MR1X Series Magcard Card Reader MR1X Series Magcard Card Reader  
  • MR1 serial interface magnetic card reader is with bi-directional manual swipe read, and can read 1~3 tracks in the meantime. It ensures users with stable performance, excellent compatability and friendly access.
  • Card standard ISO/IEC 7811-7815
    Decode mode Aiken Biphase(F/2F)
    Pulling card speed 10-120cm/s
    Magcard thickness 0.20mm-1.2mm
    Double read-write rate read: <1/1000; write: <2/1000
    Record density first track:210BPI; second track:75 BPI; 210 BPI; third track:210 BPI
    Record character first track:76 characters; second track:37 characters (low 75BPI),104characters (high210BPI); third track:104 characters
    Life of magnetic head >1 million times
    Output port imitate XT/AT keyboard format \RS-232\USB\PS2
    Power supply DC5V 15mA (max 30mA at the moment of swiping card) use 6P6C or USB or PS2 port for power supply if connect with Pinnacle equipment
    Working environment working temperature :0℃ ~40℃ working humidity:10%-85%RH
    Data standard ANSI/ISO/and IBM standard
    Dimension 140mm(W)*40mm(D)*40mm(H)
  • ※ Two communication ports at both sides, suit for different slid direction installation
    ※ 3 tracks
    ※ Double indicating with sound and light
    ※ Support swiping card in both high/low speed
    ※ Combined ANSI/ISO standard in one reader which can identify data automatically
    ※ Optional connection cable: 6P6C-USB, 6P6C--PS/2, 6P6C--D9 (with 5V power supply)
    ※ Customized firmware is available and can be updated according to the customers`demands.Providing SDK for second development.
    ※ Unique anti-interference design to suit all environments
    ※ Able to read the 300 Oe ~4000 Oe mangcard or deposit book with mangnetic strip