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LS2XT Barcode Label Scale (Self-service)
LS2XT Barcode Label Scale (Self-service)
quick spec:
※Weighing range(kg): 6/15kg, 15kg/30kg
※Division(g): 2/5g, 5/10g
※Maximum tare load (kg): -5.998kg, -14.995kg
※Display: 12.1" TFT LCD, 1024*768 resolution
※Touch Function: infrared Touch Screen
※Clerk Support: Max 99 Clerks
※Power Supply: AC 100~240V
LS2XT Barcode Label Scale (Self-service)  
  • Equipped with 12'' LCD display, able to switch automatically between operating and advertising mode. Pull-out and vertical paper load mechanism makes convenient for paper installation. Clear printing effect, user friendly and solid base design ensures the stability of weighing, together with functions of powerful network, nutrition labeling, tracking codes, etc.
  • Model LS2XT
    Weighing range(kg) 6/15kg 15/30kg
    Division(g) 2/5g 5/10g
    Maximum tare load (kg) -5.998kg -14.995kg
    Printing width 56mm
    Printing Speed 80mm/s
    Lable Width 61.5± 0.5mm
    Display 12.1" TFT LCD, 1024*768 resolution
    Touch Function infrared Touch Screen
    Processor Intel Atom N270
    OS support Windows XP, Windows7, Linux2.6
    Data Storage 8G SSD, 160G Hard Disk optional
    Memory 1G
    Interface Standard USB *2, COM * 3, VGA * 1, Ethernet * 1
    Programmable data per PLU LF code,Tracking code,PLU name,Code,Unit price,Total price,Price unit,Fresh-keeping days,Tare,Barcodes,Department,Weight,Packing type,Message1,Message2,Label type,Discount mark,Logo and ect
    Barcodes type EAN13, EAN18, 2/5 interleaved, Code128.
    Storing data 8 label types: 2000 PLU: 2000 message
    Paper Type Label, Continous Thermal Paper, Linerless Label(optional)
    Power Supply AC 100~240V 50~60Hz;
    Operating Temp 0℃~40℃
    Printer Life 50km
    Clerks Max 99 Clerks
    Characters per PLU Max 99 Characters
  • ※ Large 12.1" Multimedia display show items with colourful pictures, makes operator to find correct items more faster and easier.
    ※ Self-service design for any store owners to reduce the human-cost
    ※ Touch screen design make the assignment of direct keys more easier from back office
    ※ Patent insect-proof design, which prevents the defect caused by bugs entering into the machine, ideal for the fresh and seafood dept.
    ※ Modularized printer design, easy for replacement and maintenance.
    ※ Free format of label, adjustable label size ranging from 30*30mm to 56*109mm.
    ※ Support linerless label printing with different printer module.
    ※ Support tracking & nutrition information.
    ※ Powerful PC software for freely label edit, PLU information programming, direct keys assignment, sales report management
    ※ Buyer language support both in display and printing
    ※ Support up to 99 clerks