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GP1X Series: Guest Paging System
GP1X Series: Guest Paging System
quick spec:
※ Display: Double-line LCD display
※ Wireless: 433Mhz (power<1mw)
※ Quantity: 10 (extendable)
※ Battery capacity: 120mAh
※ Consumption: 54mA
GP1X Series: Guest Paging System GP1X Series: Guest Paging System GP1X Series: Guest Paging System GP1X Series: Guest Paging System  
  • This system is a high efficient guest paging system with specially design for fast restaurant and food city. It can be used independently (GP1W6), or be connected with ECR\POS (GP1MW6). After the order and payment is done, waiters assign customers a pager with a number, so that they could notify customers to take meal when it's ready by wireless calling guest pagers. Customers can go around in the nearby without worrying about any missed calls while waiting, avoid waiters shouting to them to take meal. This system is ideal for improving customer satisfaction and company competitiveness.
  • GP Master
    Key 18
    Display Double-line LCD display
    Consumption 54mA
    Wireless 433Mhz (power<1mw)
    Weight? 125g

    Guest pagers
    Quantity 10 (extendable)
    Consumption Standby: 60μA~20mA
    Be called: 11mA~61 mA
    Weight 25g/pcs
    Battery capacity 120mAh
  • Unique Functions:
    ※ Contact recharge, pull and plug easily.
    ※ Release pagers after taking payment in check-out counter and call back after serving meals.(Refer to picture ) It's very suitable for restaurants that release pagers in counter but call back in different tables.
    ※ With receipt clamp to clip receipt on pager, avoid receipt missing.
    ※ Have space to install advertisement card, with easy steps.
    ※ Two methods to release pager: by fixed numbering or by random number (receipt number).
    ※ With compact design. One of the smallest projected areas in the world, save counter space.
    Advanced functions:
    ※ Long communication distance (300m in open area). Able to call customers at long distance. Once out of reach, the pager will automatically warn by sound until it back to range.
    ※ A full set includes 1 GP Master and 10 guest pagers. Customer can install more guest pagers set (GP1S) if needed. A group includes 10 pagers.
    ※ Support to release pagers by receipt number. The GP Master/ Pinnacle ECR will automatically display pagers number once being installed to the charging seat. It's convenient to check receipt number when customers go to get dishes.
    ※ Various prompt methods: vibration, buzzer and flash.
    ※ In receipt number mode, only needs to set the initial number, from which the later number will automatically increase.