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Display Holder
Display Holder
quick spec:
※ Pole length: 520mm; 900mm
※ LCD size: 12"~24"
※ Rotation: 360
※ Weight capacity: Q11.5KG; Q25KG
※ VESA: 75mm*75mm/100mm*100mm
Display Holder Display Holder Display Holder Display Holder  
  • DH (display holder) series provide perfect solutions for display installation. It accords with ergonomics and is easy to be moved multidirectionally to reach a visual effect at will. The flexible pole design saves valuable counter space, especially suitable for using in supermarkets, hotels, and small shops.
  • Type Single loop/single screen Fixed ceiling|Single display
    Pole length 520mm 900mm
    LCD size 12"~24" 12"
    Weight capacity Q11.5KG Q25KG
    Up/down 35cm 35cm
    Tilt 40° 40°
    Shake 40° 40°
    Rotation 360 ° 360 °
    VESA 75mm*75mm/100mm*100mm 75mm*75mm/100mm*100mm
  • ※ Only one supporting point needed, can safely and firmly be built onto desk or ceiling.
    ※ Bi-directional display fixing loops, able to make maximum use of space
    ※ Adjustment at any height and angel makes the work environment accord with ergonomic standards
    ※ Ball-shaped device on loops makes display adjustable at 40 in any direction of the vertical plane.
    ※ Image with 360-degree rotation, brilliant and flawless.
    ※ With humane design, easy to install / uninstall in four steps.
    ※ Advanced deploy of hidden cables saves you trouble of desktop wiring clutter
    ※ Complete set of install parts and power supply device
    ※ Maximum weight capacity: 11.5kg
    ※ Support mounting hole mode for electronic device: 75mm*75mm/100mm*100mm
    ※ Support LCD display with length 300mm~600mm
    ※ With design and application capable of preventing theft