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CRL cash register
CRL cash register
quick spec:
● Paper width: 57mm
● Printers speed: 60mm/s max
● Display: 6+8 Alphanumeric LCD
● Power supply: 100v-240v, 7V2.0A
● Dimensions and weight: 1.6kg
CRLX cash register CRLX cash register CRLX cash register CRLX cash register CRLX cash register  
  • SMALL in size, BIG in function!The compact and modern design CRL cash register is perfectly suitable for small-medium retail. It allows customers to use smallest counter space to realize most functions, and meet demanding enviroment with affordable price.
  • Model CRL57B CRL58B
    Printer 1*57mm 1*57mm
    Keyboard Type Stroke Stroke
    Function key No. 36 36
    Hot key No. 8 8
    Display Operater 6+8 Alphanumeric LCD 65*132 Graphic LCD
    Customer 6+8 Alphanumeric LCD 6+8 Alphanumeric LCD
    Printer Printing method Thermal printer Thermal printer
    Printing speed 60mm/s 60mm/s
    Paper width 57mm 57mm
    Battery (Optional) 6v 3.2Ah UPS 6v 3.2Ah UPS
    Interface ports 1*PS/2,1*RS232,1*drawer port 1*PS/2,1*RS232,1*drawer port
    PLUs 3K 3K
    Clerks 8 8
    Departments 8 8
    Power source Input 100v-240v, output DC 7.0V 2A Input 100v-240v, output DC 7.0V 2A
    Operating temperature 0 to 40℃ 0 to 40℃
    Operating humidity 5 -85% RH 5 -85% RH
    Dimensions and weight 1.6kG 1.6kG
    (W x D x H) 293*180*118 293*180*118
  • ※ UPS battery of 6V3.2AH, which can support for printing 600 receipts (optional).
    ※ Ideal for small business as easy to install
    ※ With easy-loading design.
    ※ Graphic LCD operator display for easy operating
    ※ Patented raised keyboard.
    ※ Port: RS232 for PC, PS/2 for barcode scanner
    ※ Can work as a calculator, operating arithmetic on the keypad directly.