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AO5X Series All-in-one ARM POS
AO5X Series All-in-one ARM POS
quick spec:
Storage: 8GB eMMC
Power supply: DC 13.8V
OS: Android5.1
Operator display: 15"(1024×768)
AO5X Series All-in-one ARM POS          
  •       AO5X is the world’s first ALL-IN-ONE Arm POS design integrating with 15" capacitive touch screen Embedded with POS software of various types of business such as retail, convenient stores, restaurants, supermarkets, food plazas and hairdressing, it meets the demands of all business applications.
  • Processor Qualcomm MSM8916, Quad-core,1.2GHz
    RAM 1GB DDR3
    Storage 8GB eMMC
    Power supply DC 13.8V
    OS Android5.1
    Display Operator display 15"(1024×768)
    Touch panel Capactive touch panel
    Customer display color customer display:15"、10" optional
    VFD customer display: 24×128 dot matrix VFD; 9 digital VFD; 8 digital rotatable LED
    I/O Port Serial port 2*Serial port
    Ethernet port 10M/100M
    USB 4 * USB2.0
    Cash drawer port RJ11(support Epson 6pin)
    Wifi(optional) wifi dongle(extermal), inner wifi dongle optional for big order
    Bluetooth(optional) Bluetooth dongle external
    RFID(optional) RFID reader module
    Smartcard(optional) Contact IC card reader
    i-Button(optional) information button
    GPRS(optional) GPRS module(or WCDMA module)
    Scanner(optional) 20 line grid scanner
    SD card MicroSD(standard)
    Printer Printer 3"with cutter(80mmxΦ80mm)
    2"with/without cutter(57mmxΦ80mm)
    Printing speed 150mm/s
    Dimensions 373mm(L)x241mm(W)x498mm(H)
    Weight 4.5kg(not including customer display)
    ◈ Embedded with POS software meeting various business application demands, such as retail, restaurants, entertainment, etc., it is able to visit remote data base directly through webservice and build chain network.
    ◈ Interface: Ethernet port, 5*USB, 2*RS232 and drawer port, etc.
    ◈ Arm frame reduces power consumption greatly to 1/20 of PC POS frame., which save thousands of dollars each machine one year.
    ◈ Support Win CE\Linux\Android. Welcome software company to cooperate and develop system solutions.
    ◈ The world’s first ALL-IN-ONE Arm POS design integrating with 15" capacitive touch screen, printer, customer display*, one/two-dimensional barcode scanner*, MSR*, ibutton*, GPRS/WCDMA module*, WIFI*, NFC/M1 card*, MicroSD, etc., could meet multifarious commercial demands. (Items with symbol * are optional)
    ◈Bezel free capacitive touch screen, with elegant appearance and provides superb user experience. No need to press hard, ensuring long usage lifetime.
    ◈ Qualcomm MSM8916 processor of high energy efficiency and low power consumption, ensuring a stable, efficient and safe system operation.
    ◈2" without cutter/3" thermal printer with automatic cutter, up to 150mm/s high print speed, adopting unique slanting piercing paper sensor patent is with mechanism to replace cutter easily w/o cabinet open, and with flexible black mark position function.
    ◈Optional 45°downwards laser barcode scanner(eye protection) with patented magnetic sucker, able to take it down quickly to scan large commodities.
    ◈ Optional 15"/10"color customer display can be used for multimedia advertising, store promotion, information publish. Type with two displays brings more added values service.